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Zovirax 25mg 15 g refers to the brand name of the drug Acyclovir 25mg ointment 15 g. Acyclovir refers to the drug generic name and for that reason the name isn’t so popular

in the market.Generic Zovirax 25 mg ointment 15 g is classified as an anti-viral drug because its mode of action is to inhibit the progression of certain viruses in your body hence interferes with viral replication.

Zorivax can either can in the form of a white powder or an ointment. Zovirax 25 mg can be used in the management of genital herpes, cold sores form around the mouth (caused by herpes simplex). Zovirax 25mg ointment 15 g is used in managing the symptoms of herpes labialis is, when lesions appear. 

Route of Zovirax 25mg ointment 15g Drug Administration.

Just like any other ointment Zovirax 25mg ointment 15 g works better when it’s applied on the skin to produce the desired therapeutic effect.

It’s recommended you wash your hands thoroughly prior the application of this ointment. This ensures you don’t contaminated and dilute the active ingredients found in this medication.

Dosing Instructions Acyclovir 25 mg ointment 15 g 

Acyclovir 25 mg should be initiated ASAP when the lesions appear. It’s recommended that you apply Zorivax five times every day. Zovirax 25mg ointment should be applied for a consecutive four days to ensure that the infection can’t aggravate to other parts of the body.

Also, make sure you wash your hands with soap after applying Acyclovir. This is important so as it can prevent any form of progressive and aggravated infection to other parts of the body which hasn’t been affected.

Most importantly, you should consider other factors that can affect the use and the action of Zorivax. It include:

·Are you pregnant or not?

If you’re pregnant it’s recommended that you don’t rub Acyclovir ointment in your skin. However, it’s important you to consult your doctor when you’re in this circumstance. Clinically, it’s only recommended Acyclovir ointment be applied to someone who’s pregnant only if it’s justified that the condition can have an impact on the health of the fetus.


Acyclovir ointments haven’t been declared fit for those below 12 years. According to clinical trials of pediatric populations, children have shown recurrent infections after the application of Zorivax ointment on the affected body.

On the other hand, the use of Zorivax ointment isn’t restricted to geriatric use. Research from clinical trials has shown the therapeutic effect of Acyclovir medication can be effective for the elderly. Thanks to control trials have shown the effectiveness of this medication.

·Lactating mothers.

If you’re lactating and you’ve herpetic lesions near your breast. It’s recommended you don’t apply this ointment so your baby can take fresh milk. If this isn’t followed, the concentrations of Acyclovir ointment can be consumed by your baby and can have impact on digestion.

Possible Side Effects of using Zovirax 25 mg ointment 15g.

·Dryness of the skin.

·Burning and stinging feeling upon application of Zovirax 25mg ointment.

·Cracked lips.

·Shortness of breath which results from allergic reactions.

With the severity of the symptoms, it’s important that you withdraw from using this medications immediately. Be sure to inform your doctor on any other pre-existing medication so that appropriate medication can be given.