Vesicare 5 mg – 30 tablets coated (Generic Solifenacin Succinate)

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Solifenacin 5 mg 30 Tabs refers to the generic name of the drug Vesicare 5 mg 30 Tabs. Vesicare refers to the brand name of the drug and for that reason, it’s a popular name in the market.

Vesicare 5mg 30 Tabs is classified under medications referred to as anticholinergics. Anticholinergics can help in relieving symptoms of overactive bladder. This includes: having a strong urge to urinate, urinating frequently failing to control making you to even wet yourself.

Vesicare 5 mg is used in the management & treatment of overactive bladder. Solifenacin generic 5mg 30 Tabs acts by relaxing your bladder muscles leading to a reduction in the amount of urine that leaks, reducing the feelings of urination and recurrent visits to the toilet.

Route of Vesicare 5 mg 30 Tabs Drug Administration

Solifenacin produces the desired therapeutic effect when Solifenacin 5mg 30 Tabs are taken through the oral route. With the glass of water, you’re recommended that you should take this drug as a whole by swallowing it. This is because the medication can taste bitter if you crush Vesicare 5mg 30 Tabs. In addition, taking it as a whole also ensures that this drug is broken down slowly until it reaches its site of action.

Vesicare 5 mg 30 Tabs Dosing Instructions

Solifenacin Generic 5 mg - 30 tablets should be the initiating dose if you’ve been experiencing symptoms of overactive bladder. Just like any other medications, the adjustments of the dose of Vesicare 5 mg - 30 tablets is determined by the response to the medication.

Vesicare 5 mg tablet should be taken once daily. Moreover, your doctor can also prescribe that you take 2 tabs of Vesicare 5mg with time. It’s recommended that you don’t double Vesicare 5mg on your own. Be sure to consult your doctor if you wish adjustments should be made on the dose.

Factors to Consider before taking Vesicare 5 mg tablet

•  Pre-existing medical conditions.Liver disease and kidney impairments can inhibit you from using Solifenacin generic 5mg 30 tablets. It’s advisable that you stay away from Solifenacin medication because it can result in drug toxicity in your system. Severe stomach condition/ ulcerative colitis syndrome doesn’t tolerate the use of this medication.

Also, if you’re at risk of glaucoma- a condition where there is increased pressure in the eyes. You’re advised to approach Solifenacin  with caution. Most importantly, watch if you’re allergic to the active ingredients that are found in Vesicare 5 mg - 30 tablets.

•  Age

Age plays a critical role especially if the prescription of medication is concerned. Based on the research and clinical trials. Vesicare 5 mg tablets haven’t been declared fit for use by adolescents and children below 12 years. Don’t give this medication to your children.

If you feel that your child is grown enough it’s recommended that consult your doctor so that assessments and proper advice can be given.

On the other hand, adjustments to the medication may be recommended for geriatric use. This is due to the fact that the elderly population is likely to have either kidney or liver impairments. The reduction in efficiency in these organs can lead to drug tolerance.

Vesicare 5 mg tablet can be the minimum effective and taking one tab every day can be a good idea if you’re above 65 years.

•  Pregnant &Lactating mothers.

It’s advisable that you don’t take Vesicare 5 mg - 30 tablets if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding your baby. If you must use it contact your doctor first.

Use of Vesicare 5 mg 30 Tabs and other Medications

If you’re under medication of drugs classified as anticholinergics, it’s advisable that you don’t take this drug along with these medications. Also, other medications like ritonavir, itraconazole, ketoconazole, and rifampicin can inhibit the action of Vesicare tabs.

Cost of Vesicare 5 mg

The cost of Vesicare 5mg often ranges at $ 411 per 30 tabs. I wish it can come with insurance plans. Given its efficiency in managing your bladder challenges, I think you’ll have a bag for your money.

Side effects of Solifenacin 5 mg 30 Tabs

•  Edema (swelling of legs especially in the lower legs).•  In some instances, you can have difficulty in passing urine.

•  Irritation of the eyes.

•  Dizziness and headache.

•  Nausea and loss of appetite.

•  Shortness of breath in allergic reactions.

You should withdraw from using this medication if you find it difficult in passing urine. Talk to your doctor so that they can give you other medications. 

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