Uceris 3 mg – 50 capsules (Generic Budesonide)

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Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules (generic name Budesonide 3 mg-50 capsules) is a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory drug that shows the potent activity of glucocorticoid and mild activity on mineralocorticosteroid. Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules is used to treat patients with mild to average ulcerative colitis. It is used in some bowel conditions but it does not cure diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease.It decreases the symptoms like diarrhoea and pain. It is a corticosteroid hormone that works by reducing the defence mechanism or immune system of the body.

Uceris 3 mg-50 capsules Dosage

In order to treat the ulcerative colitis, it is recommended that adult person should take 9 mg tablets orally in the morning one in a day without any food for up to 2 months or 8 weeks or 3 tabs of 3mg capsules once in a day. If you missed a dose never overdose Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules. It has fewer side effects in comparison to other drugs. In case of an overdose of Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules call 911 if you are feeling uneasy.

Uceris 3 mg-50 capsules Side Effects

Budesonide has much fewer adverse side effects than other counterparts corticosteroid drugs because it works in your gut and only a very tiny amount is absorbed in your body. You may feel Nausea, heartburn and headache. If any effects persist or your condition worsens then contact pharmacist immediately.Although it has very lesser side effects but may weaken your immune system which will make you more prone to the infections.

Uceris 3 mg-50 capsules Interaction

Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules may interact with the other drugs like aldesleukin, mifepristone and other drugs like celecoxib, aspirin or ibuprofen.

The working mechanism of Uceris or budesonide

Budesonide mimics the action of naturally occurring hormone cortisol that is produced by the adrenal gland.Glucocorticoid is known for potent anti inflammatory effect. crohn’s disease is an inflammatory that affects the abdomen area it may cause diarrhoea, cramps, or fever and rectum bleeding. Budesonide is released by the granule of the ileum of the small intestine. It is absorbed in the body and travel to the liver where it’s the breakdown.

Is budesonide is approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

The Food and Drug Administration approved Uceris or budesonide in the month of October in 2001.

Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules  cost.

You can purchase Budesonide 3 mg - 50 capsules in $677 to $750 and 90 capsules in $1348.

Is Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules  is safe to use while breastfeeding and during pregnancy?

There is no adverse effect of Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules drug during pregnancy. However, the use of Uceris 3 mg - 50 capsules may reduce the secretion of the adrenal gland of the infant.

Bottom-line of Budesonide 3 mg - 50 capsules

Budesonide 3 mg capsule or Budesonide 3 mg 50 capsules is one of the most popular corticosteroid drugs that is used in the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease. It is a very effective drug against ulcerative ulcer with few side effects but all you have to do is to take precautions while using Budesonide 3 mg drug.

It should never be mixed with the other drugs that can interact with it. It works by weakening our immune system. Therefore you may become more prone to infections. However, It is a good option for other corticosteroid drugs.

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