Pulmicort Respules 0.25mg/ml – 2ml 20 suspensions (Budesonide) AstraZeneca

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Budesonide 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension is the generic name of the drug Uceris 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension (Generic Budesonide). The brand name of budesonide product is referred as ; Pulmicort, Pulmicort Respules and Rhinocort Turbuhaler among other market names.

Budesonide is can either be referred as either a steroid or a corticosteroid. This drug is used in preventing the likelihood of having inflamed lungs, therefore, making medical conditions such as asthma to be less severe. Alongside with other medicines such as a bronchodilator, this budesonide may be used when inhaled through the respiratory system. 

The Uceris suspension: uceris 0.25 mg/ml 2ml 20 suspension is used in the treatment of moderate and mild Crohn's disease. The oral tablets can also be used in the management of patients who have moderate and mild ulcerative colitis.Mode of Action 

Corticosteroids are man-made forms of hormones which act as an inflammatory medicine. Budesonide can be in different forms: it can be administered through the oral route, intravenous (through injections), lotions, creams and gels, and other inhalers. 

Uceris 0.25 steroid is available as a budesonide 0.25 mg tablet and budesonide 0.25 mg/2m of suspension which can be inhaled so that it can produce the desired therapeutic effect.The drug acts as an anti-inflammatory synthetic steroid which acts like the adrenal glands by preventing conditions such as allergic rhinitis, asthma and the treatment of other skin disorders.

Uceris 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension Recommended Dose

Uceris 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension dose that is supposed to be prescribed to children above 6 years and adults should be 32 mcg once daily when administering using the nasal route. This should be per budesonide spray.Moreover, the maximum dose expected of an adult 128mcg/day of spray. This includes children above twelve years of age. However, it recommended that individuals are given the minimum effective dose to ensure that there are no side effects after using the drug.

Uceris 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension Drug Interactions

The use of budesonide 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension should proceed with caution. The action of drugs involves reactions in the human body meaning that if they’re used together, the therapeutic effect desired cannot be achieved. When taking these tablets it’s important to avoid:

•  Using it with drugs that suppress the immune system. This is because of the interaction of Uceris 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension (Generic Budesonide) with any of the vaccines in the human body. Therefore, the effectiveness of the drug will be reduced.

•  Using tuberculosis, fungal and bacterial infection inhibits drugs mode of action especially when both drugs are used within or at the same time.

•  In addition, using these drugs with Bromfenac, Ceritinib, Choline Salicylate, Balofloxacin, clonixin and dipyrone should not be used together. Consult a doctor if you’re under such medication.

Contraindications of using budesonide 0.25 mg/ml - 2ml 20 suspension

•  People who are allergic should use this medicine with caution. It’s recommended that you consult your doctor. This includes people with allergic people with Lactose or milk protein intolerance patients.

•  Patients can also experience thinning of the skin and bruises.

•  Can cause mood changes; this is due to the fact that it involves the action of adrenal glands.

•  Can cause elevated mild or moderate blood pressure. People with high BP should visit a doctor.

After assessing your medical history. The doctor can either use IV, nasal or recommend you to have tablets.

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