Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets (Generic Chlorthalidone) is considered a diuretic drug that generally cures hypertension, swelling, heart chamber enlargement, fluid retention and problem linked with kidney.

It is monosulfamyl diuretic Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets

Chlorthalidone is very useful in the reduction of fractures of bones and kidney stones linked with calcium oxalate.

•  The chlorthalidone is generic but it comes under name Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets (Generic Chlorthalidone)

•  It can treat edema and the hypertension.

•  Patients can take this tablet orally.

In comparison to hydrochlorothiazide, the chlorthalidone is very effective because it reverses all the processes that enhance blood pressure. It can also with angiotensin 2 angiotensin enzyme inhibitor in order to decrease blood pressure. It has a different mechanism of working from thiazide drugs.

It is chlorthalidone is insoluble in chloroform and water. It can be dissolved in methanol and ethanol (slightly). 

Cost of Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets

Thalitone is a cost-effective and cheaper drug in comparisons to other diuretic drugs like amlodipine or Lisinopril.

Side effects of Thalitone:

Nearly every drug has its drawbacks and side effects. Thalitone is not the exception to this. There are many side effects that a patient can face due to intake of Thalitone doses.

Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets side effects 

Some side effects are given below:

•  Skin burn to hypersensitivity of the skin.

•  Dizziness

•  Decreased sexual capabilities.

•  Reduced appetite

•  Nausea

•  Stomach imbalance or upset.

•  Vomiting

•  Sensation of spinning

•  Headache etc.

However, there are many other severe side effects that appeared rarely.

These side-effects are:

•  Irregularity in heartbeats.

•  Severe pain in the stomach.

•  Vomiting and nausea.

•  Blood in stool and urine.

•  Joint pain

•  Yellowish skin and eyes due to potassium loss.

•  Mental ability retardation.

Interaction of Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets with other drugs

•  Alcohol

•  Insulin

•  Calcium tablets

•  Anti-inflammatory drugs

•  Narcotic drugs

•  Drugs used to decrease the potassium level.

•  Lithium

Storage of Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets:

Thalitone or chlorthalidone 50 mg tablet should be kept in the dry room without too much moisture and away from sunlight. The room temperature should be normal room temperature.

Dosage of Thalitone 50 mg 168 tablets:

•  Dosage for adults( from 18 to 64 years)

1.  Initial dosage: 25 mg (1 dose) per 24 hours.

2.  Increased dosage: It can be increased to 50 mg per hour to 100 mg.

3.  Max dosage cannot exceed 100 mg per day.

  Dosage for minors:

This drug is not suggested to the minors below 18 years.

•  Dosage for old age adults:

They should take a lower dosage of this dugs as compared to adults.

Dosage and usage during pregnancy:

The usage of Thalitone is not appropriate and also unhealthy for pregnant women.

Oedema may arise during the pregnancy due to pathological and pathological results of pregnancy.

Thalitone is ban in some sports:

It is banned or prohibited in many parts including Cricket because it is diuretic drug and can decrease the body mass and also create hindrance on testing of performance-enhancing drugs.

In some sports, like boxing and wrestling, it is allowed.

However, athletes can take Chlorthalidone 50 mg 168 tablets as a diuretic in order to mask the performance-enhancing drugs because diuretic decreases the urine concentration.

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