Thalitone 25 mg 90 tablets (Generic Chlorthalidone)

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Chlorthalidone 25 mg 90 tablets is the generic name of the drug Thalitone 25 mg 90 tablets. Thalitone is a brand name used in the market. Chlorthalidone 25mg tablet is an antidiuretic also known as a water pill. Water pills are usually used in the management of congestive heart failure and kidney disorders. Similarly, Thalitone is used in the management of both congestive and kidney problems.

In addition, Chlorthalidone can also be used in the management of other conditions which results from faulty in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, edema (swelling of the skin) and liver cirrhosis.

Chlorthalidone 25 mg generic, 90 tabs Dosing guidelines

Prescription of Thalitone 25 mg 90 tablets goes hand in hand with the underlying health condition;

Heart Failure

When you have problems with the cardiovascular system, for example; in the case of heart failure. It’s recommended that you take around 12.5-25mg of Thalitone tablets per day. However, you should be cautious not to take more than 100mg/day. Because it may cause further damage to your health.


If you are diagnosed with edema, prescription varies from the one used when managing congestive heart failure. It’s recommended that you administer into the oral route around 50-100mg of chlorthalidone per day. But the dose should not exceed 200mg per day.


Treatment hypertension is almost the same as the prescription of heart failure- a dose of 12.5-25mg per day. The only exception is that you’re allowed to only take a maximum of 50mg/day. In most of the instances, the recommended dose should be within 12.5-25mg/day.

Children should receive 0.03mg/day of the dose. 

The action of chlorthalidone 50 mg capsules.

The mode of action of Thalitone is its action to inhibit Sodium (NA) and chloride (CL) re-absorption hence making the solution of the ascending loop of Henle-part found in the kidney to excrete more sodium, chloride, and water out of the body.

Factors that you should consider while taking chlorthalidone diuretic? 

•  Nutrition. Chlorthalidone dosage can lead to changes in the sodium-potassium balance in your body. It is recommended that you discuss with your doctor or a nutritionist about the potassium-rich diet recipe depending on the underlying health condition.•  Pre-existing medical conditions. Drug interactions in your body can be a big deal. Thyroid gland medications inhibit the action of chlorthalidone capsules. When you take them alongside one another; thyroid test results may be biased due to chlorthalidone medication. So be sure to talk to your doctor and get feedback.

•  Time to time Checkups. It’s recommended that you visit the doctor regularly for BP levels to determine the effectiveness of the medication.

•  If you have hypoglycemia you should approach this medication with caution.

•  Since Chlorthalidone is a diuretic, storage of this medicine is a big deal. If ch

•  chlorthalidone freezes, its efficiency is reduced. It’s recommended that Chlorthalidone tablets be placed in a cool and dry place and all the time closed.

Side effects of using Thalitone 25 mg 90 tablets

•  Reduced Libido.

•  Muscle Spasms.

•  Dizziness.

•  Diarrhea.

•  Mild pain in the abdomen (upper).

•  Reduced.

However, if these symptoms persist report to your doctor so that he/she can guide you on the best interventions in managing your condition. 

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