Levothyroxine Tablets (Generic Synthroid)

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Levothyroxine Tablets are the drugs that are used to treat the hypothyroidism, which is a condition where the thyroid gland secrete low amounts of hormones. A person who has hypothyroidism would feel lethargic, have continuous mood swings and there would be a sudden weight gain in the person’s body.

A lot of physicians have prescribed Levothyroxine Tablets to help reduce the effects of hypothyroidism in the body. This would help the person to maintain their weight and mood swings. After taking these drugs the person would start feeling more active than before. These drugs are known as the Thyroid Hormones. .

Uses of Levothyroxine Tablets

Thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland in the body and is a part of the endocrine system and produces thyroid hormone in the human body, these hormones are responsible for the maintaining the overall physical and mental health of the body. These hormones use the iodine from the food that humans eat and uses that iodine to produce two main hormones in the body, like Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine.

The Levothyroxine Tablets are used to treat other issues of the thyroid as well, like thyroid cancer and goitre. Thyroid hormones are also used to regulate the body’s metabolic rate and blood and bone developed as well as heart and the digestive function of the body. In many kids Thyroid hormone is very important as they help in the overall development of the body and organs.

The Levothyroxine drugs are used to treat the under active thyroid glands in the body. These drugs helps to remove the effects of low thyroid hormones and replaces it with hormones that the thyroid glands are not able to produce. The levels of thyroid in the body can decline due to many reasons like natural reasons or could be due to injury or radiations to the thyroid gland.

These drugs help the body to compensate for the low secretion of hormones in the body and makes the body more active. These drugs help the body to function as normal.

Side Effects

There are a lot of side effects that can be witnessed with the use of Levothyroxine tablets. So whenever a person consumes these drugs they should know about these side effects. Few of the side effects of these drugs are.

Hair Fall

A person taking these drugs would notice a huge amount of hair fall. This would be visible in the first few months of the treatment. Hair fall is a temporary condition and it would go away after the body gets accustomed to the drugs.


A person who is taking these pills would be more likely to be sensitive to heat. This sensitivity could lead to increased level of sweating in the person. This is one of side effects of the drug.

Mood swings

A person who would have mood swings is more likely to experience mood swings and mood changes. These might make a person feel nervous and tired. Low levels of the thyroid can cause the person to have more mood swings and taking these pills can make the person feel more irritated.

Weak Bones

A person who is on these pills would be more likely to have weaker bones. That is another side effects of the drugs. The person taking these pills needs to be careful of their bones, as they can be easily broken.

Few more side effects of the drugs are as follows, Diarrhoea Headache Bone Pain Shortness of breath Tiredness


These pills are very effective for the hypothyroidism, and have shown great results in curing the symptoms of low thyroid levels. But there are few precautions that a person should take who is going to take these pills. The pills don’t have any severe reactions or side effects but the Levothyroxine tablets have shown different reactions on different people.

A person who is prescribed these drugs are suggested to discuss with their doctor if they have any medical history or any kind of reaction to any drugs. This would help the physician to understand your condition before they could prescribe you these pills.

These thyroid drugs could even cause an allergic reaction, but if the condition increases like if they get a rash or they notice that their face, tongue, throat swells then it is suggested that the person should get help for it right away.

If a person notices shortness of breath or a really heavy pain in the chest or dizziness after the use of this drug. Then the person should consult their physician right away and get help from them.

For children, the drug to react in a certain way, they are more likely to see more side effects of this drug. They might feel headaches or changes in the vision, they could also notice a leg or hip pain.


Drug interactions of the Levothyroxine tablets could be many and these could cause adverse effects to the body. So the person should consult with their physician to avoid any medication that could react with this drug or could lower the positive effects of the drug.

Few of the drugs or foods that may interact with the Levothyroxine are, Fish OilGrapefruit Aspirin Low strength Lipitor Calcium 600 D .

Drug interaction could also increase the risk of serious side effects in the body and instead of providing cure to the hypothyroidism it could give the person reactions on the body or it could cause even worse. There are lot of drugs and foods that can react with Levothyroxine tablets and listing down everything would not possible. So it is recommended to discuss the case completely with the physician before, starting these pills to cure the effects of hypothyroidism in the body.


If anyone has overdosed the medicine and passed out then it is suggested that someone should immediately dial 911 or the poison control centre at 1-800-222-1222 for the United States residents to get help from the poison control centre, right away, other country residents may call their respective poison control centres.

These drugs should be taken in exactly prescribed by the physician, overdosage symptoms could be, unconsciousness, irregular or fast heartbeats, confusions or seizures. In such cases without any delay the person should be rushed to the poison control centre and treated immediately or the reaction could be fatal as well. So at no cost do overdose of these drugs.

Levothyroxine Tablets

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