Furosemide Tablets (Generic Lasix)

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Furosemide (Generic Lasix) is used to minimize additional body fluid (edema) caused by kidney disease, heart failure, and liver disease. The medicine is able to reduce symptoms like breath shortness and swelling abdomen, legs and arms.

Uses and Dosage

First and foremost, you have to read the pharmacist’s instructions before taking and refilling Furosemide. Direct every question to the doctor for reliable enlightenment. You are supposed to take the drug orally as instructed by the doctor. Take the medication utmost twice a day, before or after a meal. Desist from taking this drug 4 hours before sleeping as it will subject you to frequent short calls at night.

Furosemide dosage solely depends on treatment response, age and medical condition. In children, weight has a notable impact on this medication. Adults are supposed, to begin with, a lower dose to avert side effects. To achieve overwhelming results, take the medication frequently. However, avoid increasing your dose or disregarding the prescribed amount.

Always take this medication at the recommended time. Setting a reminder for this important task will act as a perfect reminder of taking this medication. Despite feeling well, still, focus on completing your dose. There is a possibility that the efficiency of this medication might be altered. This is possible if you are taking cholestyramine, colestipol, and sucralfate alongside Furosemide. You are recommended to disperse the periods of taking every dose. Such a feat ensures Furosemide works to its greatest capability. In case you fail to notice any improvements, purpose to visit your doctor. The doctor will advise you accordingly and also offer the necessary treatment.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, taking this medication is not all merry. It is bound to subject to adverse side effects, like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Itching or rash
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • A headache
  • Vertigo- a feeling as if you or your room is spinning
  • Stomach cramping

In case these side effects are mild, they might subside in a few days or weeks. If they become more severe, promptly visit a doctor. The professional will give you further directive and reliable medication.

Besides the above side effects, Furosemide can also cause intense side effects. for example:

  • Peeling and blistering skin
  • Damage to the liver
  • Ringing ears and ultimately hearing defects
  • Electrolytes and excessive water loss
  • Insufficient thyroid hormones levels
  • Pancreatitis


Prior to taking this medication, there are a set of precautions you need to take. This is a key for the betterment of your health and making this pharma more effective.

  1. In case of any allergy. Cease from taking this medication if you are allergic to sulfamides. Being allergic to sulfa drugs means you will experience an allergic reaction after taking furosemide. As a result, you will experience shortness of breath, swelling tongue or throat, and hives.
  2. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol causes low blood pressure when standing up after lying down or sitting. Furthermore, it makes you feel lightheaded and dizzy.
  3. Kidney patients. If you have kidney problems, begin with a reduced dose. Let the doctor monitor the performance of your kidneys while taking this medication. Remember, Furosemide stays in for long in your body causing hostile side effects in case your kidneys are defective.
  4. People with liver problems. Ensure you get your medication from the hospital. This is because Furosemide may cause serious brain and liver damage.
  5. Patients with blood disorders. Inform your doctor in case you have a bladder disorder lest your condition worsens.
  6. Thyroid issues. Prior to beginning this dosage, inform the doctor concerning your thyroid issues. It helps in evading a decrease in thyroid hormones levels.
  7. Diabetic People. Furosemide has a tendency of making the control of blood sugar even harder. Notify the doctor if you are diabetic before taking this medication.
  8. The pregnant mothers. This drug should only be used under the doctor’s directive. First, the doctor should consider it fit for you to take this medication.
  9. Breastfeeding mothers. Either desist from taking this medication or stop breastfeeding. This drug may get into breast milk causing hazardous side effects to the baby. In addition, it initiates low production of breast milk.
  10. Premature Babies. Furosemide might lead to calcium deposits inside the liver and kidney stones among infants and 4-year olds. It is advisable to avoid giving this medication during the initial few weeks of their life.


An interaction refers to an alteration in the normal working of a medicine caused by another substance or drug. Furosemide interacts with other herbs, vitamins, and medications you may be consuming.

Normally, these interactions result in harmful side effects or cripple the usual working of this medication. Below are some of the drugs which Furosemide interacts with:

  • Inflammatory and pain drugs. Taking these drugs alongside Furosemide will increase the amount of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in your body. In return, it exposes you to dangerous side effects.
  • Water pills-results to hearing dysfunction or loss.
    Thyroid Drugs. Furosemide makes thyroids drugs ineffective.
  • Ulcer Drugs. Ulcer drugs will make Furosemide ineffective. It will not work efficiently to minimize your symptoms.
  • The medicine increases risks of hearing defects and loss.
  • Cancer Drug. Furosemide will worsen kidney problems and hearing defects and loss.
  • Muscle relaxers-consuming some muscle relaxers alongside Furosemide might both increase and decrease the effects of these muscle relaxers.


In case someone engages in an overdose and succumbs to grave symptoms like inability to breathe or passes out call poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. Look for the following overdose symptoms; for instance, sever decrease in urine amount, weakness, and fainting. Ensure the victim gets attended to within the shortest time possible.


Furosemide Tablets

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