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Plavix 300 mg 180 tablets is a brand name for clopidogrel 300 mg 180 tablets, the antiplatelet agent which is quite useful to cardiac patients. This drug use became popular and affordable after its approval by the FDA in 1997. It works by antagonizing the platelet clotting process from being activated. This is a common problem which can lead to multiple or single clots, clogging an artery or in cardiac chambers leading to pathologies like myocardial infarction, peripheral artery disease and chronic coronary heart disease. Plavix drug comes in tablets of 300mg and 75mg as the approved formulation. We shall now look at the clopidogrel Plavix 300 mg dosage.

Plavix Dosage 300 mg 

This dosage is used as a loading dose during the above-mentioned treatments. This implies that you only need 300mg as the initial dose so that your body can start picking up by developing the antiplatelet effect that is maintained with Plavix 75mg daily dose. Otherwise, if you take 300mg daily, the blood-thinning process might be too much to a point of easy bleeding into orifices and upon little pricks. The drug is available in pharmacy outlets and online drug stores worldwide. It commonly comes in a pale blue packet with pink tabs which are biconvex and oblong. This drug has a specific label i.e 300 on one side and 1332 on the other or APO, TV, CL 300 etc. Moreover, they are film-coated to prevent being damaged by stomach acidity. Nonetheless, it is important to collaborate with your physician or cardiologist to give more specialised direction that fits your prevailing health condition. In this article, we shall look at pack 180.

Plavix Pack 180 tablets 

It is the largest pack of Plavix 300mg in the market. The pack contains 180 film-coated tablets. It is pale blue in colour and on it, is a few important drug instruction and info which include; expiry date, storage and quantity per tablet. Inside the casing, there is also a booklet with further instructions including side effects. It is suited for chronic heart diseases that can require daily dosage up to more than a year. 


Plavix 300 mg 180 tabs is normally stopped by your doctor or physician during any surgery to avoid excessive bleeding. It is also not allowed in patients with active bleeding eg. Woman in labour.

Direction of use

The route of administration is oral. It is suitable as a loading dose during all clotting related conditions. It is therefore administered as first initial dose then it is maintained every day by one tablet of Plavix 75mg daily.

Plavix 300 mg 180 tablets Cost

According to Sanofi(world-leading pharma) price advice, Its retail price is averagely at $3200 per pack. The dose is somehow expensive for a short term acute illness. However, in many countries, there are insurance covers, patient assistance programs and coupons from drug stores all making it cheaper or absolutely free for some patients. It is therefore important to explore available offers in your country.


As you take the drug formulation, ensure you seek advice from your health professional. Additionally, always mind about adverse effects and seek medical help where it worsens. The main adverse effect is Profuse bleeding i.e prolonged nose bleeding. However, a well-done prescription has a few of these side effects.

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