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Plavix 300mg 120 tablets is a brand of clopidogrel 300mg 120 tabs, a drug that is prescribed for blood thinning. Plavix 300mg 120 tablets was approved by the FDA in 1997 for use by patients who recently experienced a heart attack, peripheral artery disease or stroke, ischaemic heart disease and myocardial infarction. This drug works by preventing activation of the clotting process in the blood platelets. Plavix comes in several dosage packages with different strengths, prices, and suitability. There are two dosages that were approved; 300mg and 75mg tablets. We shall, therefore, look at specifically, 300mg dosage.

120 tabs of Plavix 300 mg

300mg Plavix dosage is normally intended for use as a loading dose in all conditions we mentioned. This means it is suitable to initiate the intake on the first day then continue with 75mg per day. Otherwise, It can pose a risk of bleeding due to overdose if taken as a daily routine. However, its importance is the fact that it helps initiate the antiplatelet effect before the daily small dose. The route of administration is usually per oral. However, for most specialised treatment, you should consult your physician or cardiologist for further considerations suited for your health conditions. 300mg dosage comes in different packs depending on the number of tablets. This drug are mostly pink in colour, biconvex and oblong with a label 'APO'.The drug are film-coated which means they cannot be broken down at the stomach and weakened by its acidity before absorption. Here are the packs.

Plavix 300 mg Pack

This formulation comes in a pack of 120 tablets. The pack is pale blue in colour and oblong with one side labelled 300 and 1332 on the other side while tablets are pink in colour. It is a suitable chronic heart condition that might take a year to subside.  

Plavix 300 mg 120 tablets Cost

The drug having a high number of tablets goes for an average price of $2200 in the United States. There are many online sites that offer discounted sales and door delivery. The drug is also available worldwide in pharmacy outlets.


From the above dosage packs, you can choose the one that fits the duration of use for your condition. If longterm you need to buy a bigger pack at once to avoid small cumulative purchases that can be costly in the long run.

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