Plavix (Generic Clopidogrel)

Available in a generic name of clopidogrel, this drug has been in the market for many years. Its use has been on the rise as cases of heart-related conditions and diseases rise. The ready availability and stiff competition amongst sellers have made clopidogrel prices more competitive.

Clopidogrel is available online as well as offline and may come in different brand names including Plavix. It comes in an oral form for easy swallowing and should be used under guidance from a qualified cardiologist, physician or doctor. Upon diagnosis and confirmation, the doctor or cardiologist will prescribe clopidogrel tablet to the affected person. Strict adherence is encouraged to get the full benefits of the drug and to prevent side effects.

Common uses of clopidogrel

Clopidogrel tablets are usually prescribed to people suffering from heart-related illnesses and conditions. It will be given to a person who has recently suffered from strokes, heart attacks, or similar problems. Clopidogrel is also useful for dealing with poor blood circulation, peripheral vascular diseases, and unstable angina.

It is also prescribed to people who suffer or are suffering from chest aches, poor blood flow, or after undergoing procedures like cardiac stent or coronary stent. In these instances, the doctor will prescribe clopidogrel tablets together with aspirin. The two drugs will help to moderate and improve the blood circulation.

Being a prescription drug you should not buy clopidogrel without prescription since the dosage will be determined by the condition. The doctor may give a higher or lower dose and may vary this over time depending on the recovery process.

How it works

Clopidogrel is categorized as an antiplatelet drug. Platelets are vital components of blood and help in the clotting effect. When the body is injured and blood starts oozing out, the platelets merge together to form a barrier and this helps to stop the bleeding. However, if the platelets clot unnecessarily or too much, it may lead to clots forming in the blood and this may lead to the restriction within the blood vessels. The clots are the contributors to heart attacks, which happen in the body system or strokes when it affects the brain.

Consuming clopidogrel tablets prevents the platelets from sticking together. This is necessary for ad person who may have suffered a stroke or heart attack or an individual n at risk of cardiac arrest or has undergone a procedure that is prone to blood clotting. Stopping the clots allows the blood to flow freely.

How to take Clopidogrel

You should not buy clopidogrel without prescription even if you have taken it before. Clopidogrel should be taken following the dosage that has been given to you by your cardiologist or doctor. Follow Clopidogrel dosage given out by the doctor and carefully read the guidelines. And if unsure, you should always revert back to the doctor or pharmacist.

it is consumed orally and you can take together with water, food or without or as your cardiologist, doctor or pharmacist says. Usually, the dosage is once daily and the duration is determined by the condition. It may last a few months or even years and it is critical to strictly adhere to the dosage. You should never skip, reduce the dosage, or stop taking Clopidogrel unless advised by the doctor. It does not matter if you are feeling in perfect shape.

Side Effects of clopidogrel

The doctor or pharmacist prescribe. Clopidogrel with the best interests for you. Nevertheless, similar to other drugs, you may experience some side effects. The reactions will vary from person to person and it is important to immediately notify the doctor or pharmacist. You should stop taking Clopidogrel once you notice the adverse effects. The following are some of the notable side effects:

-New heart attack symptoms (pain in the left arm/chest/ or jaw)-New stroke signs (pain in the left arm/chest/ or jaw)-Shortness of breath-Excessive sweating-Slurred speech-Confusion, fever-One side of the body feels tired-Sudden vision changes-Easy bruising or bleeding-Stomachache/ upset-Constipation and/or diarrhea-Stomach  or gum bleeding -Extreme skin paleness-Fast heartbeat-Fainting-Sudden severe headache-Vomit with blood-Seizures-Bloody or dark urine-Urination problems

NB: These are some of the side effects that may affect. You, however, should keep a close eye on other adverse reactions.

Avoid buying the drug without prescription since it needs strict monitoring by a qualified and certified physician or doctor. Like other drugs, failure to observe the guidelines may lead to side effects such as the ones shown above.


Consuming certain things for instance grapefruit juice or grapefruit may put you at more risk of the side effects. You also should seek advice from the doctor if you are taking other medications, are pregnant, or have recently gone through a medical procedure. Disclosing such information gives the physician a clearer picture and will guide him/her you giving you the right dosage.

It may react with other antiplatelet drugs like prasugrel or thienopyridines, or you may be allergic to some compounds found in the drug. You should inform the doctor of any medical history surrounding ulcers, bleeding in the gut, liver disease, serious trauma, or hemophilia or bleeding in the eye.