Across the counter medication is often used wrongly by quite a lot of people in self-medication. In fact, so many people resorting to self-medication do not know the full extent of the therapy.
In this regard, this post, will give you insights on Prilosec Generic Omeprazole with special attention on the side effects, mode of operation and precautions. Let’s get right in and learn more!

About Omeprazole

Omeprazole better known as Prilosec is an over-the-counter medication that is used to treat several stomach ailments including stomach ulcers and acid reflux.
Prilosec Generic Omeprazole therapy will heal the stomach and esophagus walls destroyed by acid and also aid in the prevention of ulcers.
Prilosec falls under the category of Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI). Omeprazole mechanism of action is essentially to reduce the production of acid by the stomach through getting in the way of the enzymes responsible.

How to take Prilosec Generic Omeprazole

Prilosec Generic Omeprazole is available in tablets that should be taken orally. One factor you should always keep in mind is that Prilosec is a slow-release tablet so it is not advisable to crush and ingest at once.
This will mean that all the medication will be released once hence increasing your chances of suffering a severe side effect.
Prilosec or Omeprazole dosage will largely depend on the ailment you are medicating and the severity of the ailment.

How long does Prilosec take to work?

Prilosec or Omeprazole should be taken 30 to 60 minutes for maximum efficiency in the body. It has been observed that when it is taken immediately on demand there is no much difference in terms of the effect and relief you will get.
It is always good practice to let your physician know before continuing a dose for proper directions. If you are getting a refill over the counter, read the leaflet inside the package for more directions concerning the dosage.

Possible side effects of Prilosec or Omeprazole

Under this therapy, you will also experience unwanted after-effects that usually go away once the body settles in and adjusts with the medicine.
It is not common for Omeprazole to cause severe after effects but you may notice discomfort on your abdomen or headaches.
These symptoms should not persist but if they do consult with your physician for further directions.
Omeprazole side effects on weight gain are not common with studies having it as a rear side effect that only happens to less than 1% of the patients getting therapy from it.
Well, having said that, if you are on a diet and trying to lose weight, this drug won’t get in your way!

How to stop taking Prilosec Generic Omeprazole

If you are stuck on Prilosec or Omeprazole and simply can’t get yourself free because of the regular heartburns, don’t fret, there are steps you can follow to help the situation.
Although there is no single recommended way of getting off this drug, you could start by reducing the dosage.
If you are on more than one Prilosec dose a day, you should consider taking it down a notch for staters. You could also replace the PPI with an H2 blocker gradually until you are able to get off Prilosec.
If you are wondering for how long can I take Prilosec, remember, Omeprazole works perfectly for short term uses and not long term.

Prilosec Generic Omeprazole Precautions

Omeprazole is usually mild and effective when taken for the short term. If you are self-medicating, you should consider this drug for the short term and consult with your healthcare provider for other long term options.
Omeprazole and alcohol are not so bad of a match. You could take a drink or two without having any effects on the working of the drug.
However, take caution if Omeprazole causes dizziness and lightheadedness, the use of alcohol will only make the situation worse.
It is usually safe to take Omeprazole Pregnancy, there is no cause for alarm since there is no known effect of omeprazole on pregnancy and also during breastfeeding.

Can you take Pepcid while on Omeprazole?

Absolutely! You are free to use the two medications together without getting any side effects.
However, you should know that the two medications serve a similar purpose and you would rather use Pepcid when trying to get off Omeprazole.

Where to buy Omeprazole

Prilosec Generic Omeprazole is sold on any pharmacy and is accessible across the counter. Get the best bargain and value for your money here.