Ways to Make Nebido Injection

Well, I know you might not be a doctor but it is essential that you have an idea of how the injection is prepared for those days that you may need to give yourself that necessary jab. The first and most important step is knowing how to clean the rubber enclosure of the vial with alcohol and let it dry. As the vial dries up, open the syringe package and ensure that the seal is not broken, the whole idea to this is for you to be sure that the needle and syringe have not been used before. Once you unwrap the syringe, draw the plunger down to the amount of cc or ml you require and let in air. Place the vial on a hard surface preferably a table and put the needle through the rubber stopper. Remember not to puncture the rubber stopper more than once, then push all the air into the vial. Now turn the vial upside down and pull the plunger back as you let in the fluid to the required amount. Check for any presence of air pockets and if there are, tap the syringe gently and allow the bubble to rise the force them into the vial and replace the remaining space with the fluid. Countercheck to make sure you have the correct dosage. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using the correct dosage. If you have it right, remove the syringe and avoid placing it on any surface. It is best you administer it right away to avoid contamination.

Nebido Injection Dosage

Prior to commencing the therapy and at the initial stages of the therapy, the health care provider should establish the amount of testosterone in the patient’s system. After the test is done the healthcare provider should shoot up one vial of Nebido right to the muscles gradually. The therapy ought to be redone after a period of 10 to 14 weeks apart which is enough to sustain just the right levels of testosterone in the blood stream without causing an unnecessary accumulation of testosterone that may be harmful. Remember that Nebido injection must only be shot up into the muscle, a direct shot to the vessels should be avoided at all costs. Remember, depending on the testosterone amounts in the system, the physician may administer a subsequent shot 6 weeks down the line in order to attain the recommended amount of testosterone.

Ways to Make Nebido Injection

Keeping track of the Nebido amounts

Now that we have established the therapy interlude as 10 to 14 weeks apart, let’s discuss keeping the Nebido amounts in check during the therapy. At every shot appointment interval, the physician will measure the amount of testosterone in your system to ascertain whether it is at the right amounts. Informed by the results of the test, the physician will act accordingly. The healthcare provider will either up the regularity of your jabs when your testosterone levels are low or reduce the shots frequency if the level is higher than normal. Because of this, it is imperative that you attend all your therapy appointments lest you won’t really know your progress with the therapy. Stay in touch with the health care provider and let him or her know how the therapy is coming along and the general effect of the therapy on your body.

Possible after effects

Every medication is usually subject to an after effect or two, the Nebido jab therapy is also not an exception. It will interest you to know that this therapy isn’t associated with so many after effects. In fact, some of the after therapy effects often go away after some time and not everyone gets them anyway. One way to avoid these effects is to let the health care provider know if you have any allergic reactions prior to commencing the therapy. While on this therapy, expect the following after effects; acne and injection pain. This is common but it doesn’t mean it will occur to everyone. Although serious after effects rarely occur, it doesn’t mean you should drop your guard, ensure you discontinue from the therapy immediately you experience these signs of serious after effects, chest pains, hyperhidrosis, and dizziness.

Severe side effects are accelerated by allergic reactions, therefore, be sure to let the healthcare provider know of any possible allergic reaction that you may have. This therapy should not be used for building muscles and may lead to a positive result in a drug test. Lastly, this therapy is not suitable for children or women!

Call to action

Like any other prescription medication, we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of consulting a health care provider. Once on this therapy, follow the directions of the physician and you will be right on your way to recovery.

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