Trintellix, Vortioxetine, Brintellix: What’s The Difference?

Trintellix is a prescription antidepressant used to treat mild and advanced depression. As a Generic multimode action drug, it contains a combination of receptor and reuptake modulations.

Research and development frameworks have proven that it maintains the balance of serotonin in the brain to control adverse effects of depression. Moreover, it is also undergoing tests to determine its ability to solve control cognitive dysfunctions.

Formerly known as Lu AA21004, Trintellix was discovered in 2011 by scientists at Denmark based Danish International-Pharmaceutical Company -H. Lundbeck A/S.

In 2007, just after the phase II of clinical trials, they partnered with Tokyo based Takeda as a subsidiary. Purposely, the partnership was aimed at promoting the drug jointly.

In September 2013, as a result of research and development dynamics of the product, they were licensed to operate by the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and European markets.

Currently, Takeda the Asian manufacturing firm manufactures Trintellix in form of tablets.

Trintellix is meant to provide good feelings to help recover from depression. Medics prescribe it for the improvement of mental health. As a blocker, it buffers cognitive functionality of the body.

Living on this medication boosts the daily living chart. To suppress depression, the drug works by stabilizing moods, sleep patterns, attitude, and increment of positive energy.

Trintellix has been manufactured with a major focus on serotonin- a huge contributor to feelings and wellbeing. Because of the unique pharmacological profile, it uses high affinity to control transport of serotonin.

Also Trintellix acts as a brake in serotonin pathways. Neuron transmissions establish a link between the depressed person and the environment. Desensitization happens overtime to increase the release of serotonin which relieves depression.

Experts have clinically proven that Trintellix strikes a balance in the brain, so as to solve major depressions in adults. Ability to control the brain prevents symptoms of depression from taking control over an individual’s mood.

Vortioxetine is the main active ingredient that is used in the Trintellix & Brintelix medicine. Majorly, it is responsible for the control of levels of serotonin in brain cells. In the beginning, Vortioxetine was trademarked under the LundBeck owned Brintelix. Given that they were the founders, they owned the complete rights. However, in 2016, it changed to Trintellix under the subsidiary Takeda.

The name change was meant to protect patients and providers from wrong prescriptions. Moreover, it would minimize confusion with the blood-thinning medication – Brintilita.

In the pharmaceutical industry, names of products are key identifiers of different drug compositions. However, formulation, dosage and prescription of Vortioxetine, Trintellix and Brintelix remain the same. All the three names represent one unique medicine.

Multimodal nature of Trintellix sets it apart from other sedative antidepressant drugs. A combination of life determinant abilities like the control over depression and calm cognitive issues may not be offered by other drugs.

Uncommonly, Trintellix operates in a way which blends complex neurons with simple daily activities. As a result of extensive testing, it has been successfully proven to heal complex depression issues. Although recovery is the reason as to why drugs are made, some situations require candid approaches.

Reasonably, its composition is structured to act as a curative and preventive drug. Adults who took this drug were completely satisfied with the outcome. Apart from the ease of coming off the drug, users do not experience adverse withdrawal symptoms. Caring approaches to depression make sure that the patient remains energized all day long.

Patients on the recovery cycle felt well rested in their depression after finishing the dose. Additional weight control mechanisms work together so that you do not gain weight from the treatment. Doctors recommend that you go slowly stepping on this medication to realize high bargains.

For maximum success, talk to the right physician and ask the right questions. Correct diagnosis is the key to correct dosage and complete healing from depression. Regardless of the magnitude of depression impairment, it can help ease life-endangering effects like obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Best results call for intake of a little food before taking the drug. A slightly satisfied approach lowers the amount of nausea and increases drug functionality.

Given that it’s a prescription medicine, it is to be taken as per physician recommendations. Every dosage should be taken till the end. A sudden change in drug intake patterns may lead to aggravated depression. Make sure to you consult with your doctor before taking this bold step.

Stick to the original intake amounts as directed to avoid recurring withdrawal symptoms. Certainly, you can keep track of changes that you undergo every day. Share notes with the physician during scheduled visits.

In case you skip a Trintellix dose, take it in the time of your next dosage. Beware; double doses can lead to overdose. Always start a fresh schedule as soon as you take the forgotten dosage.

You are free to take the drug with or without food. Remember to always store it at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

Just like any other medication, Trintellix has side effects. Major ones include constipation, nausea and vomiting. Such feelings may take away the sense of calmness. Instant change of dosage amounts can also lead to a headache and dry mouths. Take a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Sometimes you will feel full on an empty stomach. Levelling out these effects require understanding that aggression and irritability are part of starting any medical treatment cycle.

Although some changes are expected after using the drug, start reducing its intake drug gradually. During this phase, you may experience muscle stiffness and running nose. Report adverse symptoms in real time.

Depression touches on the most important aspects of life like sleep, energy and appetite. On the intake of Trintellix, these physical behavior patterns may improve within the first two weeks. Gradual changes signals usher in 6-8 weeks to heal from depression, mood swings and lack of interest.

Good things come at a cost. Good health is the only hope that you can see a better tomorrow. Although Trintellix is expensive, it provides substantially high health benefits.

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