Trintellix: How does it work

Major depression disorder (MDD) is a serious illness that affects how people think, feel and even the way they behave. It can cause major distress to the patients, their families, and caregivers. The conditions not only affect people’s conditions of work but also their work relations.

There are many remedies to this problem, one of the most preferred and most effective of treating MDD is through taking anti-depressants. However, not all depressants are effective in treating depression. Most of the available depressants may have unpleasant side effects or they may be totally not well with some individuals.

Trintellix 10 mg

If depression has been giving you or your loved ones trouble you can find a lasting remedy in Trintellix 10 mg 28 tablets (vortioxetine). Brintellix or trintellix is the most used antidepressant used to treat depression currently. However, depending on individual use they may have different reviews relying on individual opinions and perceptions.

What is trintellix in the first place?

This is an antidepressant medication used for the treatment of the major depression disorder (MDD) condition. It administered to patients who show major depression disorder (MDD) signs or symptoms. It is available in 10mg and 20mg pills. It is a relatively reliable remedy for patients experiencing any form of depression and is known to improve their sleep, appetite, mood and energy levels.

How does it work? Can it work for me?

Trintellix works in a different unique way different from other depressants. It is for this reason that many people find it unique and effective in dealing with all forms of depressions. Vortioxetine works by controlling how serotonin- a hormone produced in the body the controls our mood and emotions. Depression is usually caused by decreased levels of serotonin in the brain. Trintellix works by blocking the reabsorption of serotonin ensuring that there is a balanced level of the hormone in the brain. By increasing the effectiveness of how serotonin is produced in the body Vortioxetine can be used to effectively control any form of depression.

What is the dosage and how long does it take to show the effects?

It really doesn’t matter the time of the day, however, Trintellix should be taken only once in a day. So, it should be taken once after every 24 hours. Given the fact this is antidepressant it takes time to show full impacts. Usually, you may feel the effect immediately but it takes up to 6 to 8 week’s before you start feeling the full impact.

The dosage is usually as per the recommendation of the doctor or physician and is highly dependent on factors such as the severity of your condition, other medications you are taking and other medical conditions you are experiencing. The doctor will prescribe dosage also depending on your age, how it works well for you and how your body receives the medication in relation to its side effects on your body. It is always good to take medication as prescribed by your doctor.

What are its side effects?

Side effects are individual specific and may range from mild to severe effects then permanent or temporal side effects. Some of the common side effects include: abnormal dreams, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness decreased side effects, itchy skin and many more. Although the side effects listed above rarely occur, when they occur they could lead to serious problems so, it advisable that you consult with your doctor when they appear.

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