Risk Factors Of Diabetes and How to Reduce Them

The modern world today has a lot going for it. Technology has come a long way in giving us at least a part of the futuristic lifestyle our ancestors so whole heartedly desired. We have created a highly mechanized civilization, which is extremely well connected. However, all this tech and change in lifestyle over the past few decades has had several negative impacts on the average human, and the most prominent of them is the rise of a new trend of lifestyle-driven diseases. And one of the most leading and dangerous is diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the glucose in your blood is much higher than normal levels. This may also be known as high blood sugar. There are two types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. The most dangerous form of diabetes, type 1 diabetes usually develops in children and teenagers, although it can occur in any age. It is treated through regular dosage of insulin, also known as insulin therapy.

Type 1 Diabetes risk factors:

•  Hereditary or family history of the disease: If you have a family history of the disease i.e your parents or grandparents had it, you are definitely prone to it and should exercise suitable caution.

•  Age: This type normally occurs in younger age groups, mostly children and teenagers below the age of fifteen. Older people may develop it too; however, it is less likely.

•  Environmental issues: The onset of other diseases or health problems may quicken the symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

The more common of the two, type 2 diabetes generally occurs in adults over the age of thirty and develops due to consistently high levels of sugar in the blood. Due to lifestyle disorders a large number of people are developing type 2 diabetes.

There are many factors and symptoms which might signal the onset of type 2 diabetes:

• Weight: One of the most important factors, weight gain and obesity can adversely affect your health as the increase in fatty tissue in the body increases its insulin resistance. Overweight people tend to feel the symptoms of diabetes faster.

•  Sedentary Lifestyle: Being less active and lazing about can be detrimental as far as diabetes is concerned. Inactivity increases insulin resistance in the blood.

•  Age: The risk of getting diabetes can increase as you grow older. Various factors such as less exercise, stress and genetics can effect that.

• High blood pressure: High blood pressure of over 90/140 can lead to an increased risk in diabetes

• High cholesterol and fats in the blood: High amounts of bad cholesterol and fatty blood can adversely affect a person’s health and lead to diabetes

• Depression: Depression is a big factor as it can degenerate the overall mental and physical health of a person, leading to diabetes

So, how to reduce risk of diabetes and get back on track with your health? Realizing you have pre-diabetes or similar symptoms can be terrifying, as we all vouch for a better, healthier life. Thankfully, these symptoms are reversible if action is taken in the appropriate time. Here are a few recommendations:

•  Lose weight: This is the most important factor. Loosing excess weight can have a significant impact on the fight against diabetes, as this increases blood circulation, better insulin release and more glucose consumption in the cells. Lose those extra pounds quickly to see the results.

• Eating healthy: Cutting out high sugar and high fat foods from the diet can do wonders as we are cutting the amount of glucose that enters the body. Eat high fiber and vitamin/protein rich foods, and add variety so you don’t get bored and give up. •  Lots of exercise: A lot of regular physical activity can be a boon in avoiding diabetes as this burns excess calories and brings down blood glucose levels, thus reducing the stress on the pancreas.•  Correct medication: Some medication such as Metformin (Janumet) can reduce the risk of diabetes, and insulin pumps can maintain type 1 diabetes. However, it is a shift to a healthy lifestyle which will ultimately help you avoid diabetes altogether.

Ultimately, leading a healthy lifestyle is what it takes to keep diabetes out of our body. A few sacrifices are worth it in the long run if we are able to live a life free of medications and health problems. By being health conscious and alert we will be able to take the correct actions at the right time. However, if the appropriate medication is prescribed by your doctor, you have to find a reliable and affordable source of your medicines. FairPriceRx.com might be your trustful assistant. This informative platform provides delivery of your medications at fairest price to your home door at most convenient way.

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