Generic Brimonidine Tartrate for glaucoma

Generic Brimonidine is used to treat some ailments. To begin with, it can be used for eye allergies. In other serious cases, it helps manage ocular hypertension. The EMC indicates that the drug is also meant for glaucoma which is open-angle. The solution also works for acne rosacea.

The drug administration is different for adults and children. To top it up, there are patients who should not take it. Read on, to know more about generic Brimonidine tartrate.

What is Brimonidine Tartrate Generic?

The drug comes in an ophthalmic solution of 0.2%. Also, it belongs to the brand name Alphagan. According to Wikipedia, the drug treats a number of eye diseases. It aids in reducing fluid pressure. The doctor should first examine the patient. In addition to that, they should have a medical history. This is because Brimonidine does not go well with heart disease. It comes in a greenish-yellow color. The content is 5ml to 15 ml bottle.

Administration and Dosage

The solution can be administered to all ages. The required dosage of the Brimonidine tartrate is 1 drop to the eye. Patients should use it at a maximum of 3 times daily. The recommended time is eight hours apart. The Alphagan eye drops work well with the right dosage. However, to treat acne rosacea only adults use the gel. They should apply the size of a pea to the affected parts. This includes: cheeks, nose, chin, and central forehead. This ensures that you have applied it evenly. The application is done once daily.

Safety Standards

It is vital to observe the sanitary standards After using the topical administration or gel, wash your hands. It is for your own safety so that you don’t eat it. In the same way, after you should use the eye drops carefully. The best way is to make sure your hands are clean first. As you administer it, tilt your head to get a proper angle. Then, you should open your eye with the index finger. Drop the medication and give it time for 1 to 2 minutes. During this time, you should close your eyes. Moreover, you have to wash your hands. You should make sure to protect the bottle from contamination. You should not touch the dropper’s tip. This will save you from any infections. Again, store the medication at a temperature of 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


Brimonidine is the best drug to treat eye-related ailments. Despite that, is has some contraindications. Have a look at the precautionary measures that you should take. They include people who can react adversely to the drug. Pregnant and Lactating Mothers   According to the FDA, pregnant mothers should avoid Brimonidine. In other cases, the mother can use it if she is in dire need. This means that she really needs to use the drug. In other words, her life depends on drug administration.   Lactating mothers also have a contraindication. This is because the drug is passed on to the milk. The infant could get harmed if he or she ingests the medication. This means that it should be used with precaution.

Brimonidine can be dangerous to children under 2 years. It can lead to coma, respiratory depression, lethargy, hypotension, and somnolence. Thus, children should not be given the medication as it has adverse effects on them.

Patients with cardiac disease and cerebrovascular disease can also keep off Brimonidine. Even though it has mild effects on blood pressure, it is better to be safe. The unstable condition can negatively affect the heart.

Caution should be exercised with renal impairment patients. Also, those with the hepatic disease need to be examined first. If they really need the drug, they should be closely monitored.

If you wear contact lenses, you should be careful. You have to take them off before using Alphagan eye drops. The lenses can absorb the ophthalmic solution. If you use them afterward, they can malfunction.

Generic Brimonidine tartrate is not great with depression. It can continue to lower their moods. Therefore, the dosage can be avoided for security measures. This should be done to protect the patients. There is no need to administer them if it harms them more.

The Alphagan vs Brimonidine tartrate is that one is the brand name. The other is the generic name. Brimonidine works effectively on eye problems. It has also helped a thousand patients with rosacea to recover. There are positive results for patients worldwide. Nonetheless, some patients are limited from taking it. If you are a patient, inform your doctor about all your illnesses. This will help you from getting severe reactions.


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