Generic Apixaban For Blood Thinner?

With the advancement in science and technology, many other sectors have greatly advanced over the years. The field of medicine in particular has greatly benefited from improvement in science and technology. More medical machines and advanced medications have been developed to help manage and even cure some illnesses and make the process easier.

Eliquis: what is it?

Eliquis is the trade name for which Apixaban is sold and distributed throughout the world. Apixaban is an anticoagulant and is mainly used in treating of venous thrombolytic cases. Moreover, Apixaban medicine is also used to prevent people who have atrial fibrillation from getting stroke episodes.

Eliquis was approved in Europe in in the year 2002. In 2004, Apixaban medicine got approved in USA for treatment and secondary prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis, commonly referred to as DVT by medical practitioners. Apixaban drug is also used in the treatment of pulmonary embolism, referred to as PE. In the year 2016, Apixaban drug was found out to be the most prescribed medication in the USA, with more than 5 million people getting the prescription for Apixaban.

What is Apixaban used for?

The Eliquis generic Apixaban is used in the prevention of blood clot formation. These clots are usually formed due to the irregular heartbeat, a condition referred to as atrial fibrillation. The clots are also notorious and the patient has a higher risk of having them after undergoing a knee replacement surgery. When a patient is affected by the heart condition, the heart is unable to beat as a normal heart would. Even if the heart is able to beat as normal, it will do this under a lot of difficulty and the chances of risk of failure are very high. Due to the irregular heartbeat, blood clots will be formed and they will travel to other parts of the body alongside the blood. When these clots get to the lungs or brain, they could lead to a very serious heart attack that could have very adverse effects to the body.

In the United States of America, Apixaban is also approved for prescription for treatment of the deep-vein thrombosis condition and prevents it from reoccurring in the body.

Being a coagulant, Apixaban is also administered to help block some of the clotting proteins in the blood. These clotting proteins are the ones responsible for blood clotting in case of an injury on the skin that exposes the blood vessels. When some of these clotting proteins are blocked, the risk of blood clot formation in the body is greatly reduced.

How Apixaban works?

Apixaban is a very selective drug. This means that it rarely affects other parts of the body except the ones that it is administered to. It is orally bio-available to ensure that the patients are able to ingest it orally with ease. Apixaban drug inhibits the free and clot-bound factor Xa in a reversible reaction in the body. This factor is responsible for the conversion of the enzyme thrombotic from its inactive form; prothrombin. This enzyme is the final factor that initializes the formation of fibrin clot formation on wounds. Due to the selective feature of Apixaban drug, it has no effect on the aggregation of platelets. However, by the fact that it inhibits the factor Xa, it directly reduces the rate of fibrin formation that is directly induced by thrombotic.

What Apixaban does?

When you are using Apixaban medication, it is important to ensure that you not only read the prescription instructions but also the warning section. Ensure that you carefully read Apixaban medication guide provided by the government and all the patient information provided if any.

The main function of Apixaban drug to the body is to reduce the formation of blood clots especially at a time when they are not required. Formation of blood clots is important to ensure that there is no excess blood loss in the body in case of formation of a wound or an injury. Upon administration of Apixaban drug, the factors that are responsible for blood clot formation are hindered therefore hindering blood clot formation.

Apixaban interactions and side effects.

Some of the most common Apixaban side effects that occur from taking Apixaban drug include nausea and minor bleeding upon damage of the skin. Even though these signs and symptoms are quite common, it is important to ensure that you consult your doctor when they worsen.

Taking into consideration that Apixaban medicine affects the factors responsible for blood clotting, Eliquis could lead to excess bleeding upon injury. These long bleeding episodes could happen in form of nose bleeding, menstrual period and even normal injuries on the skin surface. In severe cases, the condition can lead the patient to cough blood, experiencing unending and severe headaches. When you are experiencing these symptoms, ensure that you do not take other medications that contain aspirin, and other heparin containing medications. This is because they are blood thinning factors and they will make it worse.

Utilization of epidural or spinal anesthesia on patients that are under anti-thrombotic agents for the prevention of thrombosis related issues increases the risk of hematoma development. This is a condition that is likely to cause paralysis in the long run if it is not dealt with early enough. Using agents that affect the rate of homeostasis of the body can further aggravate the situation and lead to permanent paralysis too.

Stroke is a common condition that affects many people. The degree of damage caused by a stroke episode generally depends on the health condition of the individual, the medications they are taking and the cause of the stroke. In most cases, stroke episodes are caused by blood clots when they get to the vital organs like the lungs and the brain. Blood clot formation in the body is a somewhat common condition especially in the USA and this is the reason why the Apixaban drug was invented. The function of Apixaban is to block the factors that induce blood clot formation in the body and therefore prevent the formation of blood clots where they are not required in the body.

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