Eliquis Blood Thinner Side Effects

Eliquis is a drug in the class of anticoagulants which is taken to prevent cerebrovascular accident or stroke. Eliquis drug is also effective against atrial fibrillation. The other name for the blood thinner is Apixaban. It works as warfarin though there are a few differences.

The mechanism of action

Eliquis Blood Thinner Is in a specific class of drugs known as the factor Xa inhibitors. These drugs work to block the factor Xa which is a crucial enzyme in the formation of the coagulation cascade. Eliquis drug is absorbed in the body through the mouth. Eliquis Blood Thinner reaches peak plasma concentration in 4hrs. It is protein bound at 87% hence one should be very careful on the type of drugs they use concomitantly with. Eliquis blood thinner is metabolized in the liver by the CYP3A4 enzymes. Eliquis drug undergoes two processes known as hydroxylation at the 3-oxopirperidinyl moiety and O-demethylation. In that transformation, there are no new products formed. Eliquis Blood Thinner has an elimination half-life of 5-6 hours. Eliquis blood thinner is not dialyzable. Eliquis drug renal clearance is about 27%. Twenty-five percent of Eliquis drug is excreted in feces and urine as drug metabolites.

What is eliquis used for?

It prevents blood from clotting in the human body thus preventing conditions such as stroke, deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism which is most fatal in post-delivery women. In cases where one has undergone surgery such as for hip or total knee replacement, the doctor might prescribe apixaban for prevention of clot formation.

How to Use Eliquis Medication

Just as any other medication, after purchasing Eliquis drug, read the patient information leaflet contained inside the drug. If you do not get it, consult with your pharmacist or doctor before administering the drug.

Eliquis drug can be taken by mouth and whether you have food or not. Apixaban is usually taken two times daily (12 hourly). If the tablet is too big to swallow or you can’t manage to swallow, you can easily crush the drug and mix it with water or juice preferably apple.

The dosage of Eliquis drug is usually based according to your medical condition. That is why you might find different people taking different dosages. Kindly follow and stick to your doctor’s/ pharmacist’s prescription. It’s also based on age, the weight of the person, their renal function, how your body is responding to the treatment and other concomitant medications that you might be taking. During the time you are receiving Eliquis blood thinner, take your time to inform the doctor of the drugs you are currently taking to avoid drug interactions that might occur. This also includes herbal products. Also, note that the duration of taking these tablets is based upon the type of surgery that you have.

In case your drugs are over or are almost over, get a refill as soon as possible since abrupt discontinuation of drud Eliquis leads to severe complications. Always consult your doctor. Use Eliquis drug regularly and at the exact same time of the day to rip the most benefit from it.


 a) Eliquis Blood Thinner side effects

There are a lot of side effects that could arise when using Eliquis as a blood thinner. They are usually expected but you need to consult your doctor or pharmacist when the side effects become excessive. They include:

  • Bleeding: Tendency to bleed is the greatest side effect when using Eliquis drug. Since Apixaban blocks the factor 10a of the clotting pathway, it affects the entire clotting cascade hence your blood becomes extremely thin. You could have bleeding in the rectum, cerebral hemorrhage, stomach and intestinal bleeding, bloody stools, coughing up blood, vomiting blood, bleeding from the eyelids among many others.
  • Easy bruising: This is another risk when using the drug Eliquis. Any injury is aggravated by the fact that it will bleed due to its action on factor Xa of the clotting pathway.
  • Stroke: Getting a stroke is another major side effect that could arise from taking Eliquis drug. In case the tendency to bleed is too high, it might lead to bleeding in the brain which might lead to hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Low platelets: When you bleed a lot, your platelet count reduces. This allows for you to have a decreased tendency to have a clot formation and thus makes you have a prolonged bleeding time. This is fatal especially when there is excessive bleeding.

Serious allergic infections – There is a risk for serious allergic reactions when using Eliquis drug. Any signs and symptoms that may mimic a reaction i.e. itching on the skin, skin rashes, tightening of the chest among others should call for prompt intervention.

 Cardiac like symptoms – This includes generalized body weakness, palpitations, breath shortness, and fast heart rate are expected. In case they worsen, notify your doctor immediately.

b) Black Box Side Effects

When you are on Eliquis Blood Thinner (apixaban), you should not stop taking Eliquis drug suddenly because you might get a higher risk of a cerebral vascular accident. This is especially for people with atrial fibrillation. As advised by your doctor, it is good to continue taking Eliquis drug whether you have felt well or not until your doctor shows you how to taper the dosage to near nil, before giving you another blood thinner for long term use.

c) Side effects in pregnancy

The use of Eliquis Blood Thinner in pregnancy has not well been studied. There are no experimental studies and trials that have been done on women who are pregnant. Administration of Eliquis Blood Thinner during pregnancy might exacerbate bleeding during labor and delivery. It should be recommended during pregnancy as the last option and if the benefits it has outweighs the risk of the fetus and the mother. Use with caution.

In case you have a major procedure such as elective surgery or any other procedure that might involve exposure of blood and tissues, inform your doctor about it. It might involve a change of medication. You might be given a different blood thinner during the process.

Interactions with other drugs

If you are taking Eliquis drug, it is good for you to notify your doctor if you are taking other drugs that might affect your clotting instances such as Prasugrel, Naproxen, Warfarin, anagrelide, tirofiban, Aspirin, and other NSAIDs, Ibuprofen, Dipyridamole, eptifibatide, Ticagrelor, Heparin, Clopidogrel, Ticlopidine and cilostazol among many others.

Apixaban Pricing

The price of Eliquis Blood Thinner or Apixaban is affordable and you can get it online from accredited medical sellers such as fairpricerx. `

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