Does Lipitor cause weight gain?

Does lipitor cause weight gain? A small percentage of patients, who take Lipitor (Atorvastatin) for reducing their cholesterol levels, report having gained weight over time. Naturally, they wonder if there is a link between Lipitor and weight gain, especially in case the latter has always been their issue.

What do doctors say about this? Can Lipitor cause weight gain or is it just an unfortunate coincidence? Should you discontinue taking Lipitor if you notice any signs of weight gain or look for other explanations? Does Lipitor cause weight loss?

Let’s try to figure this out. 

How Lipitor affects appetite

When we look through the package leaflet, we’ll see that appetite loss is listed as one of uncommon side effects of Lipitor (affecting 1 in 100 users). Logically, one might assume that Lipitor can potentially lead to weight loss, which some users of this medication view as a great advantage. 

Does Lipitor help you lose weight? There is no real evidence in favor of this assumption. Some of those who report weight loss as a result of taking Lipitor, say that over some time this effect becomes less noticeable as the body gets used to this medication. So much so that it shouldn’t probably be taken into consideration at all.

The rumors that Lipitor and other statins can help you combat the obesity issue can be nothing else but a marketing gimmick of Big Pharma. Still, you might fall into a small category of users who develop appetite loss as a side effect of taking Lipitor. Since the chemical composition and metabolism of our bodies differ, there is some likelihood that you will lose weight on Lipitor. However, statistically, it doesn’t happen as often to explain why there are google searches like “Lipitor weight loss pills” and “Will lipitor make me lose weight”.

Is weight gain listed as a side effect of Lipitor?

According to the drug leaflet, weight gain isn’t commonly reported, but it’s listed as one of side effects. Like in the case with appetite loss, weight gain can be developed approx. by 1 in 100 Lipitor users. 

If you start taking this statin medication, you might experience one or several side effects and even your physician won’t be able to predict how your body will respond to Lipitor. Therefore, you’re highly recommended to keep notes while taking this drug and record your weight daily if you have fears that it might be affected.

Later you will be able to use this data as a baseline when consulting your doctor about possible side effects. 

What does research say about Lipitor and weight gain?

To find out the link between Lipitor and weight gain, there is a need in long-term clinical research. So far, it has been proven that Lipitor can effectively reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes, but the way this medication affects weight gain hasn’t been studied specifically.

Luckily, a major study like this on statins in general was carried out in 2014. According to its findings, after 10 years of taking statins, users typically consume an extra 192 calories per day. As a result, they gain about 6-11 pounds of weight during this time span, unlike those who didn’t take statins.

The possible explanations for this are the following:

  • Statin users have a false reassurance that medications they take will take care of any weight issues. Many of them gradually quit healthy dietary habits and exercise less.
  • They might develop other side effects associated with their muscle strength, which cause them to switch to a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Statins might be the primary reason for weight gain when used long-term.

What’s the verdict?

The research mentioned above was done on statins in general and no definite conclusions have been made. The real reason for dietary and lifestyle changes observed among statin users is yet to be determined in further studies. Lipitor is a statin medication that has been used for many years and has demonstrated that its health benefits far outweigh any risks. If your doctor prescribed it to you for, there was a solid reason to do so. Stop being tormented by the question “Can Lipitor cause weight gain?” You’ll be fine when taking Lipitor provided that you:

  • don’t exceed the prescribed dose
  • don’t forget to take Lipitor on time
  • are aware of all possible interactions with other medications and food
  • monitor your physical health and wellbeing on a daily basis
  • adhere to healthy eating habits and exercise on a regular basis
  • take advantage of one of diet-journaling app to count your calories
  • talk to your doctor any time you notice serious side effects

Heart disease remains the No.1 killer in many countries of the world. Lipitor can be effectively used in the battle against it. This statin medication lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in your body, increasing your chances of preventing a sudden stroke. Don’t be afraid to try it just for the fear that Lipitor can cause weight gain if your doctor thinks this medication is right for you.

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