Androgel vs Fortesta

Testosterone therapies come in so many varieties making it really essential for you to know the medication that you are using. While we may not be doctors, this post is going to let you in on everything you need to know between these two therapies: Androgel vs Fortesta in relation to mode of application, side effects, dosage among other relevant comparisons. Let’s get right in!

Androgel vs Fortesta Usage

It goes without saying that the aforementioned therapies are used in the replacement treatment or therapy exclusive for adult males, to remedy ailments associated with inadequacies or completely lack of endogenous testosterone. Naturally, the human male body should be able to produce enough testosterone but for some reason when the body is not producing enough or doesn’t produce testosterone at all these therapies come in. Essentially, both Androgel and Fortesta are taken to supplement the naturally occurring testosterone in the body.

Androgel vs Fortesta

Androgel vs Fortesta Mode of application

To begin, it is essential to mention that both Androgel and Fortesta are supplied in the form of a gel that is applied directly to the body. It is vital to mention that the two therapies are prescription based and should only be taken once the diagnosis of hypogonadism is established by a physician. One difference between the two however, is that while Fortesta is only used to hypogonadism, Androgel on the other hand can be used to treat delayed puberty in adolescent males and also metastatic breast cancer. The method of application is rather similar thanks to the nature in which the therapy is supplied having the only difference in the amount applied. With Androgel, the recommended dosage should be 50mg of testosterone gel applied on the shoulder, upper arm, or the abdomen where it can be covered with clothing. On the other hand, apply 40mg of the Fortesta gel on the shoulder, upper arm, or abdomen where you can cover with a shirt. Remember, the application site is not subject to change for any reason whatsoever, also, allow the site applied to dry before putting on clothing. It should be noted that both these drugs should be taken regularly as prescribed by the physician in order for it to work effectively. Do not take a shower or go for a swim 2 hours after administration and remember to always cover the application site to avoid secondary application to other persons unknowingly. Be sure not to abuse this therapy or use it any longer than you are required since abuse often leads to withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and depression.

Androgel vs Fortesta Side effects

You may have been under other therapies that have caused side effects before, these two are no different. In this case, therefore, make sure you talk to the health care provider once you experience strange symptoms. These two medications are associated with similar side effects. While on your therapy, watch out for the following signs and symptoms and immediately communicate with your healthcare provider. Because this therapy is applied directly to the skin, you should expect mild skin reactions which may include, itching, hardening, and sometimes irritation on the application area. When these medications are used correctly, you should not experience severe after therapy ailment. Other mild side effects may also include, headaches and mood changes, prolonged erections and also diarrhea, and vomiting. In as much as severe side effects may be rare, stop the therapy and communicate with the healthcare provider immediately if you experience the following signs; signs of blood coating in the legs and lungs, painful erections, increased urination, and loss of bladder control.

Drug interactions with Androgel and Fortesta

Before kicking off with any medication, it is important to understand the various interactions that the therapy may have on other medications. This is vital since drug interaction often alters the working mechanism of the therapy in progress or may result in serious side effects. It will interest you to know that there are three major drug interactions that are associated with the use of both Androgel and Fortesta.

Insulin interaction with Androgel and Fortesta

The use of both Androgen and Fortesta has an interaction with insulin that often causes changes in insulin sensitivity. What this does to diabetic patients is that the drugs may increase blood glucose hence a subsequent decrease in the insulin need or requirement.

Corticosteroids Androgel vs Fortesta

The use of testosterone supplements concurrently with corticosteroids, is often associated with fluid retention in the body. If you are taking these drugs concurrently, it is recommended that you should be in constant monitoring particularly if you experience cardiac or renal issues.

Oral anticoagulants

Blood thinners and testosterone supplement therapy often cause issues with anticoagulation activity when used together. For this reason, your health care provider should take a closer look at the prothrombin time at the onset and end of the testosterone supplementation therapy.

Note that, your doctor has prescribed you with either of these medications in full knowledge of the risks and side effects expected therefore, it is safe to deduce that the overall good of the therapy definitely outweighs the after-effects of the treatment.


Before starting therapy with any of the two medicine, first, let your health care provider know if you have any allergies or under other medication. Interaction as mentioned earlier may bring changes to the operation of the therapy. Similar to many other aspects of these two therapies, precautions are also the same thanks to the nature of the drug, the usage, and also administration. Take note, contact of the application area may cause secondary exposure to others. Children and women should not get into contact with an uncovered application site and if this happens, ensure they rinse off the particular area with water and soap. Wash the application site with water and soap if you are to have any skin contact with anyone.

Call to action

From the above comparison, it is fair to deduce that the two therapies work to remedy a similar ailment. Judging from the different parameters analyzed, the drugs are quite similar with no major differences. However, before making the decision on which one to go for, consult with the physician, and get the best possible advice before making any hasty decisions.

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