Apriso Review

Apriso is a brand name known for its incredible drugs. One of the best is Mesalamine. So, what is Mesalamine? According to the US National Institutes of Health, it is a drug used to treat bowel diseases. They include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The disease is caused by an inflammation in the colon. This results in excruciating suffering. However, this can be healed with a proper dosage. The Apriso review will give all the heads-up. Read on, to get deep insights about the drug.

What is Apriso?

It is an oral drug that has anti-inflammatory elements. It is used to relieve the pain caused by ulcerative colitis (UC). Commonly known as Mesalamine, curbs the UC symptoms. In addition to that, it can treat proctosigmoiditis. Apriso also can also cure proctitis. It is a rectum infection. In short, it works with the whole digestive system. Adults above eighteen years can take the drug. Apriso works within 2 to 4 weeks of taking it.


The pills are the extended-release type. This means that they get released to the colon to relieve pain. The ideal dosage is 4 pills on a daily basis. You should swallow them with adequate water. This way, they will easily get absorbed by the colon. You should not crush or chew them. If you do that, they will be released in the wrong place. They will reach the digestive tract which is the goal. Thus, they will not work as required. The pills should get to the large intestines.    You can take them on an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can ingest them when full. They will work both ways. Do not skip the dosage. If you forget by chance, ensure to swallow them when you can. You shouldn’t overdose, it might have serious consequences.


First off, are you on other medications? If so, inform your doctor about it. This is because Mesalamine does not work with others. For instance, antacids inhibit the absorption of Apriso. Other drugs include azathioprine, digoxin, and mercaptopurine. If you are on the following vaccines, also let your physician know. They include: measles, rubella, mumps, and varicella vaccines.

Who shouldn’t be given Apriso?

Patients suffering from certain diseases should not take it. They comprise of liver disease, kidney disease, and pyloric stenosis. Also, if you have congestive heart failure you can’t swallow Mesalamine.  Another group is the nursing mothers. Well, the drug can pass to the breast milk. This means that your child can consume it. The drug is only safe for 18 years and above adults. If you need to use the drug, don’t breastfeed on those days. For pregnant women, there is no clear evidence whether it’s safe. Studies have not shown if it can harm the baby. If you really have to use it, then consult your doctor.

Does Apriso Have Side Effects?

Apriso (Mesalamine) has side effects. They can be mild such as headache, diarrhea, and nausea. The severe effects include abdominal pain, splitting headaches, and fever. If the severe effects don’t go away, consult a doctor. You can also get dizzy or weak especially when hungry. Rashes can check in when you take Apriso. This shouldn’t scare you, they will fade off.


You should store the drugs away from kids. This will prevent them from taking drugs. They are pretty colorful hence, store them well. Wet places can make them ineffective. Also, keep them at room temperature.

Is there a Generic Mesalamine?

Yes, there is a generic Mesalamine. It comes under the brand name of Lialda. It was first launched in 2017. The FDA approved the released of the generic drug. It was deemed safe for human consumption. Therefore, generic Mesalamine exists. It also comes at a cheap price.

How much does Mesalamine cost?

Mesalamine cost varies from one pace to another. It is also different in online and offline shops. It all depends on where you buy them. Some online seller have some discounts. You should check to make sure that they are authentic. Otherwise, you will buy them at a higher price.

Accordingly, Apriso has top-notch drugs. It works best with many patients. There are those who cannot have it. This is due to some conditions or diseases. Studies have indicated that they can totally heal UC in a month. The status of the disease and the age of the person factors in. But, it is the ultimate one for digestive system ailments. It gets rids of the swelling and pain. This means total relief to patients. The effects can be mitigated which is a good thing.


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