Alphagan for glaucoma treatment

People whose eyes are affected by glaucoma did not feel any symptoms prior.

What are the common causes of glaucoma?

The optic nerve deteriorates at a very high rate; it will lead to the buildup of a high level of pressure on the front part of the eye. Liquid that usually flows to our eyes are being blocked and causes a build-up, then that is the time that the intense pressure starts to damage our eyes.

Another cause of glaucoma is when your eyes were accidentally injured or it was severely infected. This kind of eye condition can still be corrected with eye surgery but if it is taken for granted, and then there is a high chance that it will lead to glaucoma.

How can doctors diagnose a person with glaucoma?

Ophthalmologists perform eye examinations and vision tests on patients, but before that, doctors usually use eye drops to dilate the pupil. During the eye exam, he will take note or even take photographs of the optic nerve. If there is a chance that the person will be affected by glaucoma, the doctor will detect it and will advise precautionary measures to prevent the worsening of this eye disease. For example, Alphagan.

Is there a treatment for glaucoma?

There are several ways to treat glaucoma; one way is by using eye drops.  Popular ones is Alphagan eye drops.

Sometimes, if the condition is already worse, the doctor recommends surgery so as to somehow repair the damage.

But for this article, we will focus on the drops Alphagan. With the use of Alphagan helps in regulating the fluids that tend to build up in our eyes. When these fluids are regulated, the pressure that might build up will be avoided. Don’t forget to mention to your doctor if you have specific allergies as Alphagan eye drops may cause an allergic reaction to the patient.
So, let`s tell more about Alphagan.

What is Alphagan P 0.1%?

Alphagan is the most doctor-prescribed eye drops to help in curing glaucoma. Alphagan is highly recommended to reduce the pressure buildup in the eyes. Produced by a pharmaceutical company named Allergan which is based in Ireland, Allergan produces the number one solution for glaucoma.

Alphagan glaucoma treatment is an FDA-approved medication for the eye that commonly has eye hypertension. It contains Brimonidine Tartrate which is the active ingredient of Alphagan for glaucoma.

What is the usual dosage for Alphagan?

The usual dosage of using Alphagan for glaucoma depends on the prescription of your doctor. Be sure to specifically follow the doctors’ advice so as not to worsen the condition of your eyes. Most doctors give a dosage of Alphagan drop on the infected area three times per day. There should be an eight-hour interval between every drop of Alphagan. Ask your doctor before you mix Alphagan with other eye drops as it may worsen the condition.

Alphagan cannot really prevent glaucoma. But, if it is detected and treated at an early stage, there is that high probability of controlling the disease which can also help that person to avoid going completely blind. If glaucoma is detected, make sure that you follow religiously what the doctor will tell you, after all, it is still your own eyes that you need to take good care of.

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