Guidance how to save on your medical treatment

The kind of hectic busy lifestyle that most people now lead paves the way to so many different types of conditions and diseases. But when there is a problem there is a remedy, and when there are illnesses there are treatments and medications. However, the price of medical treatments can vary significantly. In this article we’ll try to shed light on the complicated world of drugs as well as to give guidance how to save on your treatment and get the best quality drugs.

Different researches are done on a regular basis and these results in many new drugs being created every year. There are many different types of treatment options and methods available to cure different ailments and this is something we get to learn about when we visit a doctor. However, medications or drugs can be placed under two main categories – Original and Generic.

Thus, original is a medication that is invented, discovered, created, and manufactured by a pharmaceutical brand with the highest price.  Meanwhile generic drugs are basically identical copies of the original drugs and contain the same components, efficiency, safety and were approved by authorities such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the EMA (European Medicines Agency) or the Pmda (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Japan), or etc. Moreover, generic drugs usually have much lower price than originals.

Once a company discovers a new drug (original drug) it files for a patent to make sure other companies cannot make copies, do competition, decrease price and sell the same drug. Usually, the drug has two names – a common scientific (active molecule, international non-patent name) or generic name and a brand-name (original) one that will help make this drug secure a unique place in the market. Generics are only made available after the patent on an original drug expires. Patent period, on certain drugs, can be as long as 20 years.  Fortunately more than 95% of drugs patent protection expired.

Therefore generic drugs can be considered as duplicates of the original drugs having completely similar usage, action, effectiveness, risks, administration route, strength, and safety like the original drug but with more affordable price.

Though there are lots of confusion revolving around the effectiveness and safety of generic medications, the fact is since they have the exact same composition, they will also work in the exact same way. Yes, it is true that there are little differences, and that mainly includes appearances and packaging, and even the cost.

Thuswise, the most important and noticeable amongst these is the pricing. There is a big, big difference in the costs, and on an average, a generic drug will cost you 20 to 85 percent less than a brand-name one.  Just because they are cheaper you should not think that they will not work as good as do the brand medications, as the main difference lies in the form of appearance and packaging, which of course can be ignored. As far as you get the right quality it should be good enough.

However, is the quality of the medications the same everywhere? Since our health is so important, the quality of the medications we use is something we have to consider. Now, the fact is the quality of medications does differ depending on the country where they are produced. Europe, Japan, and the USA have to adhere to very strict rules and law while producing drugs and these results in them producing drugs that are far superior to that created elsewhere.    Settling with anything less than the best should never be an option.  Health is wealth, this is just not an adage but something that we need to understand and give importance to.

Our health should always come first and we should depend on only those medications that are proven to be the best quality ones. As we already know that Europe produces one of the best and safest medications, if we use them we know we are safe. Since your safety is of utmost importance to us we, team, bring for you the best quality medicines right from Europe and that too at a very Fair price. Each of our customers is just like family to us and thus the medications that we offer have been selected with great care. If you ever fall ill, you can completely trust us and the high-quality medications we offer to select for you, and then a speedy recovery is what you are sure to experience. However, it’s vital to always visit your doctor before taking any medical treatment because self-medication is dangerous and harmful for your health.


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