Namenda 20 mg 90 tablets (Generic Memantine Hydrochloride)

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Memantine 20 mg 90 caps is the generic name of the drug Namenda 20 mg 90 caps. Namenda is quite known in the market because it’s the drugs brand or market name. This drug is white in color (powder) which it can dissolve in water. It’s also referred to as NMDA antagonist.

Memantine 20 mg 90 capsules is used in the management of moderate-to-severe symptoms of dementia which are of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). 

Route of Namenda 90 capsules 20 mg Administration

It’s recommended that you take Namenda 20 mg with a glass of water. If you’re fasting or taking Namenda 90 capsules 20 mg with food, the therapeutic effect of Memantine capsules won’t be affected.

Dosing requirements of Memantine 20 mg 90 caps

Namenda 20 mg 90 caps are used in the management of severe symptoms of dementia with the likelihood of leading to Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re planning to use this drug, first of all, understand that one must begin from somewhere.

The starting dose should be initiated in the first week. When you buy a 90 Pac follow:•  Starting dose; 5mg.

•  After 1 week; 10mg (5mg and 5mg first and second daily dose respectively.)

•  After 2nd Week; 15mg (5mg and 10mg 1rst and 2nd daily dose respectively).

•  After 3rd week; 20mg (10mg and 10mg first and second dose daily respectively).

Memantine 20 mg 90 caps shouldn’t be taken alongside alcohol because Memantine 20 mg pack 90 can cause drug toxicity. However, in the case of a drug overdose, the general measures should be put in support. The most important intervention is for you to contact the poison center as soon as possible. KEEP IT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

While taking this medication, make sure you stick to a routine. If you missed taking Namenda 20 mg 90 caps dose for a couple of days, it’s advisable that you resume the dose from the starting dose then you continue gradually( as explained above). On the other hand, you can contact your doctor concerning the period that you didn’t take this medication. 

The Namenda capsules(20mg 90pack) dose will produce action after a period of three-seven hours. After which partial metabolism is done by the liver.

Factors Considered before taking this drug

If you’re a pregnant or a lactating mother, it’s recommended that you approach Namenda 20 mg 90 caps medications with CAUTION because research on the safety of your infant and breastfeeding child is yet to be established. 

If you think you can administer this drug to a child then you should STOP. The safety of children is guaranteed while taking memantine medication. 

In most cases, generic memantine hydrochloride 20 mg 90 caps is recommended for people with AD (they are mostly people who are 65 years of age and above). Patients less than 65 years can also take generic memantine hydrochloride 20 mg 90 caps medication.

When you have kidney problems and you’re under treatment. It’s advisable that you make a consultation with your doctor so that they can adjust medication.

Cost of Namenda (generic memantine hydrochloride) 20 mg 90 caps.

Buying Namenda 20 mg 90 caps. Is affordable. Per pill, it goes at an average price of generic memantine hydrochloride 20 mg 90 caps $2.64 and $ 238 as a whole package. Given their therapeutic effect, this price has a bag for your money.

Side effects 

•  Agitation.

•  Loss of consciousness.

•  Symptoms of psychosis.

•  Restlessness.

•  Increased Blood pressure.

The severity of the symptoms may indicate contraindications with medication. It could be wise if you visit your doctor to assess your health and medication. 

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