Namenda 20 mg 30 tablets (Generic Memantine Hydrochloride)

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Namenda 20 mg 30 capsules refers to the brand name of the drug memantine Hydrochloride 20 mg 30 capsules. Memantine Hydrochloride is the generic name and it’s not widely known in the market. It’s found in the class called NMDA receptor antagonists which produces a therapeutic effect- reduces abnormal activities of the brain.

Namenda 20 mg 30 caps is a combination of memantine hydrochloride which is in dosing of 2mg in each memantine hydrochloride. Alongside this- the oral Namenda also contains other solutions of inactive ingredients which include: sodium citrate, glycerin, propylene glycol, natural peppermint, and purified water.

This drug comes in the form of an extended long-acting capsule when placed in the mouth, a solution and as a tablet. This drug are used in the management of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer is a mental problem that’s prevalent among aged people. This condition is characterized by loss of memory, inability to think clearly, in some instances communication and handling of daily activities.

Route of Namenda caps 20 mg 30 caps Drug Administration 

It’s recommended that you take 30 capsules of Namenda 20 mg through the oral route (mouth). Take memantine as a whole without crushing or chewing it into pieces. In case you are limited to swallowing the capsule as a whole, you can open the capsule and place the contents in a spoon then swallow them immediately without chewing.

Namenda caps 20 mg 30 caps Dosing requirements 

Memantine should be taken with or without food. It’s advisable that you don’t mix Namenda 20 mg 30 caps with any other liquid because it will have an effect on the efficiency of Namenda 20mg 30 caps should be taken after three weeks starting the dose. In the third week, you are advised to take or give out 10mg of first daily than another 10mg second daily dose. 

If you fail to take the dose for several days then you may be forced to resume to lower doses of 5mg as a starting dose, 10mg in the first week (5mg and 5mg in the first and second dose respectively), 15mg in the second week (5mg and 10mg in the first and second dose respectively) which will be followed by 20mg (10mg and 10mg for first dose and second dose respectively).Other conditions and dosing of Namenda 20 mg 30 capsules are;

• Hepatic impairments: In the management of hepatic problems, the dosage of Namenda 20 mg 30 capsules should be approached with caution. Be sure to visit your doctor so that the appropriate daily dose can be prescribed to you. 

• Renal Impairments: a recommended dose of 2.5ml (5mg) should be administered to patients in critical stages with renal impairments.

While storing generic memantine hydrochloride 20 mg 30 caps, ensure that it’s in a cool dry place. It should be out of reach of children and other liquids which can dilute it.

Factors to consider before taking generic memantine hydrochloride 20 mg.

Medical history of seizures, difficulty in urination and any existing liver problems should be reported to the doctor before taking this drug. In addition, before undergoing any dental surgery make sure that you inform your doctor first.

Moreover, if you’re allergic to any of the active ingredients found in memantine capsules. It will be decisive if you inform your doctor so that alternative medicine can be used in managing your case.

Taking traditional medicine can as well inhibit the action of namenda caps 20 mg,pack 30 and therefore it’s crucial if you explain the information before getting medicated.

Side effects Memantine Hydrochloride 30 capsules 20 mg

• General malaise or fatigue

• Dizziness and light headaches.

• Constipation and vomiting.

• Elevated blood pressure.

However, if the symptoms persist. It’s advisable that you make a follow up with your doctor. For more information about Namenda 20 mg 30 capsules visit .

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