Mirapex tablets 0.7 in a pack of 30 is administered in adults to treat symptoms and manifestations of the type of Parkinson's disease which is caused by internal dysfunctions. Throughout the disease, through to late stages when the effect of levodopa becomes inconsistent and fluctuations of the therapeutic effect occur.

Mirapex tabs 0.7mg is indicated in adults with moderate or severe cases of Idiopathic Restless Legs Syndrome.

Before prescription Mirapex 0.7mg 30 tablets, patients must be advised that there could be possible effects of drowsiness. Kindly note that patients can potentially develop episodes of fatigue, and sleepiness even on daytime while prescribed with this medicine so one must take the necessary precautions. Avoid engaging in any activities like driving or any potentially dangerous activities that can result to unnecessary accidents while taking Mirapex 0.7. Alcohol intake must also be avoided as there are known Mirapex 0.7mg tablets contraindications with this particular drug and alcohol.

Mirapex 0.7mg 30 tablets Drug Composition

Mirapex 0.7mg tablets 30 drugs contains 1.0  mg pramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrate equivalent to 0.7 mg pramipexole.


Initially, you must start with a dosage of 0.264 mg of base per day and then increased every 5-7 days gradually. Patients given pramipexole 0.7 do not experience an intolerable undesirable effect. The dose should be measured when administered to achieve a supreme curative effect.

If a further increase in dosage is necessary, the daily quantity of medicine should be increased by 0.54 mg of base at weekly gaps and up to a maximum dose of 3.3 mg of base per day.

Maintenance treatment

The dosage individually of pramipexole 0.7 mg should be in the range of 0.264 mg of base to a maximum of 3.3 mg of base daily. Studies show that during dose escalation, efficacy was observed starting at 1.1 mg of base at daily dose. Further dose adjustments should then depend or be based on a patient’s clinical response and the adverse reactions of Mirapex tabs 0.7mg.

For Parkinson's disease in an advance stage, you can administer pramipexole doses more than 1.1 mg of base per day when you intend to lessen therapy for levodopa. This all depends on the reaction of the medicine on the individual patient.

Renal impairment

Renal function determines the elimination of pramipexole 0.7mg. For the initiation of therapy, you can follow the suggested dose schedule.

Normal to mild impairment, a dosage of 0.125 to 1.5 three times a day. For moderate impairment, a dosage of 0.125 two times a day to .75 three times a day. For severe cases, 0.125 once a day to to 1.5 once a day can be administered.

Hepatic impairment

In patients with hepatic breakdown, dose adjustment may not be necessary, as approx. 90% of the absorbed mass is ejected through your kidneys.

Pediatric population

The safety and efficacy of Mirapex 0.7mg in children below 18 years has not been established. There is no relevant use of pramipexole in children.

Restless Legs Syndrome

An initial dose of Mirapex 0.7mg is 0.088 mg of base, taken once 2-3 hours before bedtime daily. For patients needing extra symptomatic repose, the prescription is expanded every 4-7 days up to 0.54 mg of base per day.

Method of Mirapex 0.7mg 30 tablets administration

Mirapex 30 tablets 0.7mg should be taken orally, and swallowed with water. Mirapex 0.7mg tablets can be taken with or without food before dosage.

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