Having so many therapy for treating high blood pressure, Zestril, Prinivil Generic Lisinopril is definitely among the recommended and used by many patients.
Having said that, it is vital to have an understanding of the working principle of Zestril, Prinivil Generic Lisinopril drug and the effect it will have on your body.
This post therefore, will let you in on everything you need to know about this drug. Let’s delve in!

Is Lisinopril a beta-blocker?

Nope. First off, Zestril, Prinivil or Lisinopril falls into the category of drugs referred to as ACE inhibitors, which serve pretty much the same function as beta-blockers.
The major difference between ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers is the mechanism by which they aid in the reduction of hypertension.

What is Lisinopril used for?

Lisinopril better referred to as Zestril or Prinivil, helps in reducing hypertension, therefore, preventing the occurrence of a cardiac arrest, strokes among other ailments associated with it.
Zestril operates by opening up the vessels to allow blood flow effortlessly. Zestril is also used to improve survival rated in patients after cardiac arrests.
Prinivil has a signature oval biconcave shape that may or may not be debossed with initials depending on the manufacturer.
Remember that despite the variations Zestril, Prinivil or Generic Lisinopril in appearance, they pretty much serve the same function.

Zestril, Prinivil Generic Lisinopril dosing

Similar to other blood pressure reduction drugs, the administration of Zestril is dependent on a number of factors.
Some of these factors include body weight, age, the severity of the ailment and also the exact condition you are medicating. Since Zestril is in the form of a tablet, the administration is oral once a day preferably at the same time every day.
Just to help you remember, you could schedule your dosage with a routine, for instance before going to bed or immediately you wake up it’s that simple!
Note that a lot of patients suffering from hypertension are not likely to experience any difference during therapy. You mustn’t discontinue from your dosage prematurely without consulting the healthcare provider.

How long does it take for Lisinopril to work

Zestril, Prinivil Generic Lisinopril is not among the therapies that take effect immediately. However, this isn’t to mean that it doesn’t work.
If it’s your first encounter with therapy hypertension, keep in mind that the duration which the therapy takes to work will largely depend on some factors.
The major factor being the particular ailment you are medicating. Let me break it down, if you are getting therapy for hypertension, the therapy should take effect in two to four weeks.
However, if you are getting therapy on heart failure, the therapy could take months to get the full effect. Having this in mind, you should be able to plan accordingly depending on your ailment.
Consult with the healthcare giver on other ailments that you should be getting therapy on.

Zestril after effects.

Featuring all the good that this therapy comes with, expect some after-effects too that could go away once your body adjusts to the particular therapy.
It is rather unlikely for you to suffer severe after therapy effects when taking this drug. Some of the possible minor after effects that you may experience may be; dizziness, dry cough and fatigue.
Incase these signs fail to subside, inform your healthcare giver immediately for further direction. In very few cases, Zestril Generic Lisinopril has been associated with severe after effects on the kidney and liver.
Ensure the physician checks on the functions of both the kidney and also the liver while undergoing Prinivil or Lisinopril treatment.
It’s vital to mention that a good number of after effects are associated with Lisinopril overdose.

Does Lisinopril cause weight gain?

Unfortunately yes, as an after therapy effect, this therapy would cause the patient to gain weight. As you can imagine, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for this occurrence since it’s associated with many factors.

Zestril, Prinivil Generic Lisinopril Precautions

Lisinopril and alcohol are in no way a good combination. Note that Prinivil often causes dizziness and when combined with alcohol, you’ll get even dizzier.
Remember to inform your healthcare giver on any allergic reactions present. This will go a long way in ensuring you are safe and don’t suffer any unnecessary allergic reactions and after effects.
Note: It isn’t recommended to use Lisinopril and Ibuprofen together continuously for a long term remedy.
This duo often reduced the effect of the therapy in reducing hypertension and is also known to cause disorders of the kidney.

Lisinopril cost

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