Janumet 50/850 mg 56 tabs MSD (Sitagliptin/Metformin)

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Tadalafil 20 mg - 4 tablets coated is the generic name of Adcirca 20 mg - 4 tablets coated. In the market, these capsules is commonly known as Adcirca, Cialis and Alyq. 

Adcirca 20 4 tabs is drug is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you’ve bedroom challenges, then here is the answer for you. When you take adcirca 4 tablets 20 mg it works better for you by increasing the blood flow into the penis hence keeping your erections to last longer. 

In addition, tadalafil 20 mg - 4 tablets coated can also be a solution to frequent urination at night, low libido (urgency for sex), and difficulty in passing urine and even treatment of enlarged prostate a condition which is referred to as prostatic hyperplasia-BPH.

Route of Administration of tadalafil 4 pills.

Adcirca 20 mg - 4 tablets coated pills are taken through the oral route where it produces desired therapeutic effect.

Dosage of Adcirca 20 mg (4 tablets coated) is normally prescribed in a recommended of 2.5mg per day if you’re starting it out. For those who have used the medication. The dose of adcirca 4 tablets 20 mg can either be increased gradually to up to 20mg or reduced to 5 mg depending on the tolerance and the efficiency of one’s body. 

Factors to be considered when taking tadalafil 20mg medication.

·Adcirca 20 mg pills 4 tablets should be taken preferably before sexual activity and also before taking


·People with 60 years of age and above should consult a doctor before using this medication. This is because if you’re an elderly, there can be greater sensitivity to this drug. It means that the drug can be warranted in some other instances.

Another reason is that the elderly have decreased adcirca 4 tablets 20 mg

·Patients already using other drugs which require CYP3A4 inhibitor should avoid tadalafil 20 mg 4 tabs while starting out. Using the inhibitor. If you have been using the pills and you want to start it out and you realize that you’re in need of CYP3A4 inhibitor. Stop using this medication within a period of 24 hours and resume in a weeks’ time. 

The dose can be increased to 40mg basing it on drug tolerance.

·For pregnant and breastfeeding women. This isn’t a thing for you. Moreover, this medication hasn’t been approved to be used by women.

Contra indications of Adcirca 20 mg - 4 tablets coated.

·Drugs such as Nizoral, Sponax, Norvir, and erythromycin don’t work efficiently when combined

with tadalafil 20mg. This is because this drugs may slow down the breakdown of this drugs in the body. When taken together-there is likelihood of tadalafil toxicity in the bloodstream.

To prevent tadalafil 4 pills coated poisoning be sure to take one drug at time preferably after 24 hours to enhance the ease of drug clearance.

·People With high Blood pressure and are under medication should consult a doctor before

using this medication. This is because high BP medication can inhibit the therapeutic and mode of action of Tadalafil 20mg medications.

Tadalafil 4 pills should not be consumed by people who don’t have sex partners- this means that the only time needed is when you and your partner have taken dinner or supper together.

When consumed alone it can lead to too much erections which can cause side effects. It can be

fatal in excess.

Tadalafil20 mg 4 tabs best price is about 192 dollars.

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