Janumet 50/500 mg – 56 tabs MSD (Sitagliptin/Metformin)

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Janumet 50 mg/500 mg - 56 tablets coated (Generic Metformin Hydrochloride; Sitagliptin Phosphate) are drugs for monitoring glucose intensities in bloodstream for victims diagnosed having category 2 diabetes mellitus. Bodies of such victims secrete insufficient insulin hence producing very high glucose level in circulation. The drug aids to regulate or avert the disorder advancing to other problems comprising of heart disease, losing sight, leg elimination or kidney ailments. It works through taming the level of insulin secreted during meals are already taken thereby reducing the quantity of glucose secreted in the victims’ body dropping levels of glucose in cases where they’re extraordinary in the patients’ body and between meals.

Janumet 50mg 500mg tab usage and dosage.

Janumet 50mg/500mg - 56 tablets coated is a drug classified into three forms of strength:

·       Janumet 50 mg 1000 mg- these tabs are rossy in color layered with numbers 577 on the sideways.

·       Janumet 50mg 850 mg – these tabs are pink in color numbered 515 horizontally.

·       Janumet 50mg 500 mg- these tabs are red in color, numbered 575 adjacent and normal on the other.

Maximum recommended daily dose of generic Janumet is 100mg sitagliptin phosphate and 2000mg metformin hydrochloride. Its dosage is actualized based on patient’s course of therapy, efficacy or admissibility of a victim. This will all depend on the doctor’s decision. However, the dose shouldn’t go beyond maximum prescription. Furthermore, this pill must be taken alongside meals to lower chances of an upset stomach.

Price of Janumet 50 500

Janumet 50 mg/500 mg - 56 tablets coated drug is very affordable. It can be easily acquired at online sites that are accredited to sell pill on their websites. It’s also possible getting the tabs to be delivered right to where you live.

Generic metformin 500 50 interactions

Janumet 50 500 is made up of metformin hydrochloride and sitagliptin phosphate. Metformin hydrochloride produces contrary effects if taken alongside alcohol since its amalgamation causes lactic acidosis that may be a cause of grave concern in case you have it. If you experience signs like weakness, irregular heartbeat inhalation complications, pain in the stomach, inform a physician immediately.

Inform a physician in case you’re using other drugs or herbs and supplements before intake of the drug.

Likely side effects of Janumet 500mg

Janumets’ possible reactions are often very insignificant. However, on occasional circumstances, metformin leads to reactions which could be severe; tiredness, weakness, cold particularly on toes and legs, headaches, stomach ache, headache, slow or irregular heartbeats. In case you have one of the above signs while medicating, it is wise that you don’t continue and visit the medic immediately.

You shouldn’t be alarmed by such signs because they rarely occur.

 Precautions to take when prescribed Janumet 500mg

·       Any person shouldn’t consume Janumet 50mg/500mg - 56 tablets coated it they’re expectant or lactating.

·       Follow all directions instructed by general practitioner to latter while taking Janumet 50mg/500mg - 56 tablets coated so as to avoid tampering with prescribed amount.

·       Keep all pills far from children’s reach.

·       Store tablet in a blister container until it’s time for administration them

·       Make sure the patient doesn’t skip meals while under Janumet 50mg/500mg - 56 tablets coated particular drug.

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