Invokana 300 mg tablet 60 pcs (Canagliflozin) Janssen

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Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets is used to regulate the level of glucose in adults being treated for type 2 diabetes. Invokana 300 mg 60 tabs facilitates sugar removal from the body through the process of excretion in urine form. Invokana has an active ingredient called canagliflozin. The regulating effect of the active substance is imperative since it reduces the chances of patients with the aforementioned condition from stroke and heart failure to a bare minimum.  

How to use Invokana 300 tablets pack 60

The medication Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets exists in two strengths and they are engineered to function on different responses. These strengths are categorized into Invokana 100mg and Invokana 300mg. The former is the initial dose that starts off individuals prescribed Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets. The latter is given to persons who have developed and built a much higher tolerance to Invokana 300 mg 60 tabs. The 100mg is moreover given to patients in order to measure their level of reaction and endurance to the drug.

Taking Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets drug

The 300 mg and 100mg tablets of Invokana are in form white capsules that should be swallowed orally only once every morning before taking any meal for effective results. Besides Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets treatment, patients are encouraged to embrace a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting and regular sporty activities. Directions for using Invokana 300 mg tablets drug should only be instructed by the physician. It is prudent that you take Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets around the same time daily to make it easy for you to remember. On the other hand, you may fail to administer it at the right time. Under such a circumstance, take the right dosage as soon as it comes to your attention. If the prescription time is long gone, consult with the medic for instructions.

Side effects of Invokana 300 tabs

Just like any other drug, Invokana is not an exception when it comes to reactions with the body. These reactions are also known as side effects. The above medicine may result in both severe and minor body reactions. In cases such as these, it is advised that you seize taking Invokana immediately and contact your physician. Furthermore, inform him or her if you experience the side effects below:

  • Dehydration which is characterized by passing little or none at all. Another possible indication of dehydration is dizziness and also fainting.
  • Adverse reactions that are causing difficulty in breathing and in the swallowing process.
  • Another indication that your immune system is hypersensitive in swollen glands for instance on the lips and other facial regions.

Other negative minor reactions include nausea, constipation and yeast infections. These effects are expected to go away in a day or two. If they persist, visit your doctor.


Invokana 300 mg 60 tablets should not be taken when you’re pregnant. You must consult your medic on the safe way of getting off the drug and a possible replacement just to avoid your sugar levels from rising abnormally.

Limit alcohol use because of increased chances of altering with the sugar levels in the blood.

Always let the physician know if you experience any side effect after administering the drug.

Do not operate heavy machinery or drive because of the possibility of episodes of dizziness and lightheadedness.

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