Invokana 300 mg tablet 30 pcs (Canagliflozin) Janssen

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Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets is a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes in adult patients. Invokana 300 mg contains a drug canagliflozin, which is among a group of medicine referred to as blood glucose lowering drugs. In essence, Invokana 300 tablets 30 pack regulate the amount of blood sugar levels by increasing the removal of sugars from the body through urine. As a result, there is a reduced chance of the patient suffering from strokes and heart attacks. You may use Invokana alongside other medicine when prescribed by a doctor. When using Invokana, it is advisable to follow a regular diet and exercise routine as directed by your physician. To be particular, you will be required to follow a diabetic weight control diet.

Using tab Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets

Canagliflozin 300mg is a prescription drug and should only be taken under the advisement of a doctor. Invokana 300 mg 30 tabs are taken orally starting with a dose of 100mg every day. Your physician will, however, adjust the dose of the strength depending on your body’s reception to Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets and also on other factors, for example, the condition of your kidney.

Taking Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets

For effective results, it is advisable to take Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets drug daily around the same time in the morning before any meals. Moreover, taking Invokana 300 mg 30 tabs at the same time each day makes it easy for you to remember. In the event that you forget to take Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets drug at the right time, take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next dose you should skip for the next dose. Taking two doses is not recommended because it may increase your chances of suffering from an allergic reaction. It is also important to mention that you should not stop taking Invokana 300 mg 30 tabs drug without consultation from your physician. This may cause your blood sugar to rise significantly.

Side effects of Invokana 300mg

Just like any other drug, Invokana has side effects that are not necessarily experienced by every patient. Invokana 300 mg has both mild and severe side effects. Stop taking Invokana 300 immediately you start experiencing the following side effects and consult with your doctor.

·       Severe allergic reactions which are characterized by the inability of breathing or swallowing and also swelling of some glands, for instance, the mouth and tongue.

·       Dehydration is also a possible side effect although it is not very likely to occur. Possible indications that you might be dehydrated is dizziness, passing out passing little to no urine.

Some other side effects that you may experience include yeast infections, constipation, feeling thirsty and nausea.

Precautions when taking Invokana 300 mg 30 tablets

As a result of dizziness that could occur as a result of taking Invokana 300 mg pack 30, it is advisable not to drive or operate machines.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding gets advice from your doctor before beginning on the drug. Invokana 300 mg drug should not be used during pregnancy, you should get advice from your physician on how well you can get off the drugs and possible ways of controlling blood sugar levels while off it.

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