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Invokana 100mg 90 tablets (Generic Canagliflozin) drug functions through improving the intensities of glucose in adults blood with category 2 diabetes. The tablets contain a drug canagliflozin. Proper nutrition with good workout are advisable when using canagliflozin for the regulation of high levels of glucose in victims’ blood. Controlling high glucose intensities in victims with category 2 diabetes prevents occurrence of blindness, kidney failure, losing limbs and reproductive health problems. Canagliflozin increases the process of glucose removal and regulation through kidneys in patient’s body. Subsequently, there’s a reduced risk of patients suffering from a stroke or a heart attack. Among patients who are getting cure using generic canagliflozin 100 mg tablets, there are reduced instances of death, stroke, heart attacks by up to 14% according to study results.

Directions for using tab Invokana 100mg

Invokana 100mg 90 tablets is obtainable in tablets taken by mouth or as prescribed by your doctor. Canagliflozin is accessible in two fortes, 100mg and 300mg. Canagliflozin 100 mg and 300mg are both capsules shaped however, the distinguishing factor is that the former has a yellow color while the latter has a white color. Since the Invokana 100 mg is a prescription drug, directions for use is dependent on the directions provided by the physician which are often dependent on the factors below:

·       The severity of the condition

·       Other existing medical conditions

·       Age of victim

It’s common for physicians to begin a low dosage on victims which may be adjusted over time to suit the patient’s medical needs. The most appropriate dosage is a small amount which provides most desirable effects. It’s advisable starting the canagliflozin tabs generic with 100mg measure once a day. In case one fails to take Invokana 100mg 90 drug in the preferred time, it is advisable to take it as soon as you remember or rather consult with your doctor on what to do next so as to not consume two doses. Canagliflozin 100 mg 90 tablets are obtainable at around 410 USD in various stores however priced vary depending on quantity of tablets and strength of the tabs required.

Side effects of tab Invokana 100mg

Invokana 100 mg 90 tablets` use is associated with a several responses that could be serious or mild. Victims could experience lightheadedness, dizziness, frequent urination and also unusual dry mouths.  These mild side effects are expected to go away in a few days. Moreover, patients could also experience serious responses like kidney damage, lower limb elimination, bone fractures and allergic reactions. It is wise to consult a physician immediately you experience any given above symptoms.

Invokana 100 mg interaction with other drugs

Invokana 100mg 90 tablets interaction may change the way a drug works or increase the chances of suffering from severe responses. Informing the specialist on any other medication which you’re using is advised. It’s vital to remember that many drugs affect glucose in blood therefore, remember to notify your physician earlier starting or while continuing taking any drug.

Safety measures when using tab Invokana 100 mg

For victims consuming alcohol, the intake should be limited. Alcohol increases the chances of a patient experiencing low levels of glucose in the body.

Invokana induces drowsiness with light headaches; Victims must be aware of this and avoid driving during such conditions.

There could be chances of a patient experiencing hypersensitive reactions. Consult your doctor during such instances.

Put out of children’s reach.

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