Humira (Generic Adalimumab)

Adalimumab Injection

Adalimumab Injection as the name suggests is administered through a syringe. Adalimumab administered is Adalimumab. Its main function is to curb swelling and pain caused by inflammation of the joints (arthritis). This includes conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis, Rheumatoid, juvenile, psoriatic and idiopathic arthritis. Adalimumab Injection has also been administered on patients with certain disorders of the skin i.e. hidradenitis suppurativa and psoriasis of the plaque type. Moreover, Adalimumab is used to manage certain gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.


Adalimumab Injection is in a class of drugs known as Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) blockers, immunosuppressants and DMARDS.

Mode of action

The mode of action of Adalimumab is to curb the Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) protein that triggers swelling in the joints and red scaly patches on the skin. The Tumor Necrosis Factor protein is found in the immune system of the body. By blocking this protein, the drug ensures joint function is preserved by reducing the swelling and pain.


Adalimumab is absorbed in blood at a bioavailability percentage of 64%. Given as 40mg, Adalimumab Injection reaches peak plasma levels in 2 - 3 days. The peak plasma concentration of Adalimumab Injection is 4.7 mcg/ml. The volume of distribution of Adalimumab is 4.7 to six liters. The drug's elimination half-life is approximately 15 days.

Usage And Dosages

This is not a common drug since it is injected into the body. Hence, a patient needs to take instructions keenly before administering this medication. Before even administering the drug, take the leaflet inside the medication packet and read instructions very carefully as written by the pharmacist. If you have any questions regarding the drug, consult with your doctor.

Check the drug carefully to ascertain the quality. This is done by checking if there are any particles, discoloration, and change of texture. If there are any changes, do not attempt to use the drug. Do not shake the drug.

Since most people put such drugs in refrigerators, Do not take it from the refrigerator and use it directly on your body. Allow it to gain temperature to be at per with the room temperature. You do this by keeping it on the table for about 20-30 minutes.

Adalimumab Injection should be administered as prescribed. It is a subcutaneous injection hence it is injected 45% under the skin of the thigh or abdomen. In most cases, it is prescribed weekly. As with aseptic technique, before injecting the adalimumab dose, always remember to clean the site of injection by using some methylated spirit or alcohol. If you injected the thigh today, inject the abdomen the next time to prevent too much needle-pricks on a single area of the body. Space the injection sites at least 2.5 cm away from each other. Discarding the pricks should be done with the help of a needle bin.

Another thing to note is that the dosage the doctor has prescribed to you depends on your condition and how you are responding to treatment. In children, the dosage is dependent on weight. If symptoms persist or worsens, seek medical review from a professional medical doctor.

Side Effects

Some minor side effects might be noted when taking Adalimumab Injection. Not all though and still, they are not supposed to be worse to an extent that they affect your activities daily living. In case they reach to such a point, consult your doctor/ pharmacist. They include: discoloration of the skin, inflammation at the area of injection, pain or bruising at the injection area, back pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Adalimumab can also cause serious side effects that you should note and report as soon as possible. They include a tingling or burning sensation, visual disturbances, inability to feel your legs, pain in the chest, dyspnea, facial swelling, bleeding unnecessary, bruising easily, difficulty swallowing and patchy skin.

Adalimumab as an injection also predisposes one to cancer of the skin and lymphomas. A study performed showed that those people who received Adalimumab were more likely to suffer from cancer as compared to those who didn't.

Drug Interactions

Just as any other medication, some drugs affect the distribution of Adalimumab Injection in the body. It is important to know these drugs so that by no chance will you take them concomitantly. These drugs include: Tumor Necrosis Factor Blockers such as Infliximab and Etanercept, Live Vaccines, Abatacept, Some of the major arthritis drugs such as leflunomide and tofacitinib and lastly, any drug that suppresses the immune system such as cyclosporine. The latter interacts with Adalimumab Injection in a negative synergistic way.

Precautions/ Contraindications

Frequent usage of adalimumab as an injection might decrease or lower your body's mechanism to fight an infection. This predisposes you or puts you at a risk of getting a serious/ fatal infection. This might include either a bacterial, fungal or viral infection.

If you have been having the following conditions, this drug is contraindicated. They include Hepatitis B, HIV, and AIDs, TB, Heart disease, Lupus and Brain disorders such as Guillain-Barre syndrome. This is contraindicated because you already have immunosuppressed symptoms hence adding such a drug would make you completely under the risk of contracting a disease.

Patients over the age of 65+ should not take this drug. This is because they are already having a low immune status hence this drug might worsen their situation.

When using the syringes and pens which have been pre-filled, it is advisable to inject the entire drug in your subcutaneous tissue according to the prescription given.

Do not inject an area of the skin where there are bruises, patches, redness or tender.

Adalimumab Price

Adalimumab price is not that costly as compared to most antiviral drugs. It is the cheapest anti-antiviral drug available. You can buy Adalimumab injection online on various sites which are accredited to sell drugs through their websites such as

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