Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs are the official brand name for the generic drug, Apixaban 5 mg 60 tabs. This drug is majorly used in controlling of deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis refers to the creation of blood coagulates inside the blood vessels. Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs are additionally used in the management of atrial fibrillation and pulmonary embolism. It’s categorized as an antithrombotic or an anticoagulant drug. Decoagulants are medicaments used for prevention of blood thickening. The action of these antithrombotic drugs is enabled by their aptitude to inhibit clotting element XI.

How Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs drug is executed

This drug is taken orally. Use clean drinking water to ingest the tabs. Those with ingestion problems need to pound this drug. After crushing the tabs, dissolve the precipitate into water. Other solvents such as apple juice may be used to dissolve that powder.  Eliquis 5mg 60 tabs are coated with a fine coating which allows the drug to reach the stomach before it dissolves. It’s absorbed in the bloodstream from the stomach.

Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs administration requirements plus instructions


Apixaban, the universal drug used as a decoagulant, isn’t acclaimed for use in small kids. Avoid administering this medicament to a child. Adjust doses accordingly for geriatric use. This is meant to avoid toxicity caused by drugs in the body. Since metabolism slows down with age, older adults are required to take two tablets a day. One tablet ought to be ingested in the morning while another tablet in the evening.

Underlying medical conditions

Victims suffering from kidney failure should take this medicament cautiously. Kidney failure causes the body to have low clearance rates of waste products. This slow clearance rate can cause amplified built up of toxic products in their body. Liver problems also pose a challenge in the usage of Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs drug. Testing your liver's functionality after prescription medicament is advisable.

Knee and hip surgery victims

Ingest Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs drug within 12 hours when going through hip or knee surgical process. Use this drug twice a day. This is paramount in averting the development of blood coagulates that may traverse to your body's vital organs.

Expectant or lactating mothers

Lactating mothers shouldn’t ingest this Eliquis 5 mg drug. The drug's waste products from its metabolism may move via the breast milk to the lactating baby.  Eliquis 5mg 60 tabs shouldn’t also be used when expectant. As a clotting prescription, it may cause severe complications to mother or unborn baby.

Atrial fibrillation

Those in higher danger of stroke due to atrial fibrillation ought to use Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs for a period of 30-32 days. It’s acclaimed that these victims need to follow the twice-daily dosing requirements. Reduction of blood clots development is experienced with the use of this drug. Chances of getting a fatal stroke are also minimized.

Reactions accompanying use of Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs

Alongside positive effects of minimizing fatal dangers of blood coagulate formation in your blood vessels; it may come with other reactions including;

·         Heightened menstruation.

·         Frequent nose bleeding.

·         Diarrhea with blood.

·         Headaches.

·         Extreme fatigue.

Suddenly halting use of Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs may have detrimental results. Consult a specialist prior to stopping its usage.

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