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Eliquis 5 mg 60 Tablets. Blood clots are mushy masses of blood that can be immobile (thrombosis) and inhibit blood flow or slip (embolism) and move to other parts of the system. Blood clots can be fatal subject to their site and criticalness. Blood coagulation aids halt bleeding in case you’re cut or bruised. Nonetheless, when excessive clotting ensues, it can bring about serious problems. Evaluation of your condition differs contingent to the spot and form of blood coagulate. Generally, your clinician will start by accessing your medical history, since this may give information on aspects that initiated the clot, and will similarly execute a physical analysis.

About Eliquis 5mg 60 Tablets

Eliquis 5 mg s the brand name of the prescription drug apixaban, which is acclimatized in averting strokes and blood coagulates in individuals suffering from atrial fibrillation (an ailment classified by a distorted heart rate). Eliquis 5 mg 60 tablets is also given to manage or decrease the danger of deep vein thrombosis progressing (DVT - a blood clot that typically progresses in the limb) and pulmonary embolism (PE - a blood coagulates in the lung). Eliquis 5mg 60 tablets originator of apixaban 5mg 60 tabs could be commended after hip or knee changeover surgery to help avert DVT or PE. Originator Eliquis 5mg 60 tabs by Pfizer belongs to a class of medications termed factor Xa inhibitors, similarly named blood thinners time and again. It acts by inhibiting certain enzymes (known as factor Xa) in the blood from developing a blood clot.

Eliquis/apixaban 5mg 60 tablets Dosage

Eliquis originator of apixaban 5mg 60 tabs comes as a tablet to take by mouth, typically twice a day. It may also be given via a nursing tube. Your dose will depend on your disorder and response to treatment. Try to take Eliquis originator of apixaban 5mg tabs around the same time each day. Eliquis 5mg 60 tablets can be taken with or without food. Originator Eliquis 5 mg 60 tabs by Pfizer is usually taken for 35 days after hip replacement surgery, and for 12 days after knee replacement surgical procedure. Carefully observe the directives on your instructions tag. Don't take more or less Eliquis 5 mg 60 tablets or apixaban 5mg 60 tablets than is recommended.

Eliquis/apixaban 5 mg 60 tablets  During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

There are no adequate and well-controlled trials of Eliquis in pregnant women. Usage may possibly escalate the danger of hemorrhage during gestation and delivery. Eliquis ought to be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit outweighs potential risk to mother and fetus. Women should be advised to either discontinue breastfeeding or to discontinue Eliquis treatment, taking into account the importance of this drug to mother.

Warnings about Eliquis/Apixaban 5mg 60 tablets

Eliquis originator of apixaban 5mg 60 tablets contains a black box warning since it may cause a greater jeopardy of stroke when individuals with atrial fibrillation stop taking it. Don't suddenly stop using this medicine without first speaking to your clinician. Continue using Eliquis even when you feel well, and don't omit any doses. In case you want to discontinue using Eliquis/apixaban, your healthcare provider may recommend an alternative blood thinner to help prevent stroke. Eliquis/apixaban 5 mg 60 tablets contains another black box warning since it may lead to a severe blood clot proximate to your spinal cord in case you’re on epidural, spinal anesthesia, or a spinal puncture when taking it.

Apixaban 5 mg 60 tablets Reactions

Notify your clinician straightaway in case you experience any of these indications when taking this medicine:
  • Muscle frailty, particularly in the limbs or feet
  • Numbness or prickling, mainly in the limbs
  • Back ache
  • Inability to control bladder or bowels
Don't take Eliquis in the event you get an unnatural heart valve or active hemorrhage. Apixaban 5 mg 60 tablets can lead to bleeding or bruising spontaneously. Cease from events that escalates threat of bleeding or injury while using Eliquis/apixaban 5mg 60 tablets. Check out originator Eliquis 5mg 60 tabs by Pfizer online here. Eliquis 5 mg 60 tablets Pfizer BMS Originator (Bristol-Myers Squibb Eliquis Generic Apixaban 5 mg 60 tablets). 
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