Eliquis 2.5 mg 60 tablets by Pfizer BMS (Apixaban)

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Eliquis 2.5 mg 60 tablets by Pfizer. Blood clotting is an important process that averts extreme bleeding after damage to blood vessels. Blood clots can however at times form within a blood vessel that hasn’t undergone any damage.Some clots may similarly cease to entirely dissolve once an injury is repaired. Such clots can move through the vascular system and can give rise to restriction blood supply to a vital organ. These types of blood clot are very serious and necessitate urgent treatment.In most cases, a doctor will prescribe anticoagulant drugs, which people often refer to as blood thinners. Eliquis drugs decrease the body’s ability to create new clots, while also averting existing clots from becoming bigger.Apixaban is used to treat and inhibit blood clots such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. It also helps to reduce threat of stroke in case you have atrial fibrillation without an artificial heart valve.

About Eliquis/apixaban 2.5mg 60 tablets

Eliquis 2.5 mg 60 tablets are the trade label of the universal apixaban 2.5mg 60 tablets. This drug is classified under anticoagulants category. Anticoagulants are tablets used in hindering clotting in your system. This drug forms a block against blood clotting elements in blood which vital in preventing excessive loss of blood. It’s acclimatized for avert deep vein thrombosis later when hip or knee surgery has been done. It’s also used to lessen stroke possibility in people with a disorder in the heart’s rhythm (atrial fibrillation).

Drug dispensation for Eliquis 2.5 mg 60 tabs

Eliquis Pfizer 2.5 mg 60 tabs is recommended that for most victims, 2 mg need to be ingested through the mouth two times a day. It ought to be administered in 2.5mg twice a day in those victims who have any two of these physiognomies.Those above the age of 80 yearsLess than 60kg in body mass.If you have a serum creatinine of above 1.5mg/dl.In those victims undergoing hip replacement, take this drug for 35 days while those undergoing knee replacement surgical procedures should use it for 12 days. Management of deep vein thrombosis requires 10mg of drug ingested through the mouth for the first seven days, and later, take 5mg two times every day.In cases where a patient has difficulty in swallowing the whole Eliquis 2.5mg 60 tablets, ask for its suspension. It is also advisable to crush the tablets into powder which can then be mixed 30ml of water for easier swallowing. Dextrose water can be used to replace water when mixing the drug powder.

Reactions accompanying the use of eliquis/apixaban 2.5mg 60 tablet

Along with its required reactions, eliquis/apixaban may bring about some unwanted results comprising blood in eyes, bloody or black stools, bruising on the skin, coughing up blood and constipation. Other side effects comprise confusion, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, headaches, skin rash, and vomiting. Refer to a medical practitioner in case of elongated severe reactions.Those having an artificial heart valve ought to avoid ingesting it. Avoid the medicament in case you experience any actively bleeding area in body from surgical procedure or other cause. Discontinue using Eliquis 24-48 hours in advance of a surgical procedure, dental work or any aggressive procedure. Inform your surgeon if you are using it.Don't halt using Eliquis 2.5mg 60 tablets unless you are instructed by a clinician. Suddenly discontinuing the prescription can lead to the danger of stroke or creation of blood clots. Use a substitute in cases where its usage is discontinued.  Inform a doctor of any kidney disease, bleeding troubles, liver disease, expectant and if planning to conceive. Don’t breastfeed if you are consuming Eliquis.For prescription of eliquis/apixaban 2.5 mg 60tablets or any other drug, you can purchase online here!
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