Dermovate cream 100g (clobetasol propionate) 0.5 mg by GSK

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Dermovate ointment 100g (clobetasol propionate) 0.5 mg by GSK

Dermovate ointment 100g is a remedy used to treat skin swelling and irritability. The drug is categorised as a cortisteroid and contains a potent topical ingredient known as clobetasol propionate. This dermovate ointment review 100g explains the use and application of the med so as to relieve skin soreness.

What are the dermovate ointment 100g uses?

First and foremost, the drug comes with a packaged leaflet that contains information regarding the medication. It explains what dermovate is, its purpose, care and storage,how to apply and other details. Skin infection and soreness is a widepread disorder among many people and may develop into different ploblematic symptoms such as a scratching sensention, inflammations or rashes,dryness,peeling off among others. The active ingreadient found in the ointment serves to treat the above conditions that arise on the skin. The topical element is a means to diminish inflammations and alleviate the burning sensation and the strong desire to scratch your skin which in the long run worsens the condition. Dermovate ointment 100grams medication is normally prescribed to the eldery, the adults and toddlers above 1 year old to cure certain skin dermatitis that other weaker cortistreoids have failed to cure. This diseases include worsening eczema, lichen planus, psoriasis and discoid lupus erythematosus along side other skin problems that do not appreciate other steroids.

How to apply dermovate ointment clobetasol propionate 100g on the skin

The med has been manufactured in different forms. That is, as a cream, ointment, scalp lotion, foam, shampoo and as a spray.For the ointment, always apply sparingly on to the skin and rub gently on the afflicted part once or two times every day dependng on your caregiver’s advice. Ensure you cleanse your hands before applying the paste so as to avoid contaminating it. After applying the med wash your hands to avoid touching your eyes. If this happens, rinse the ointment off with cold running water. The frequency of application might be adjusted depending on a patient’s response and the doctor’s judgement.The total prescription applied in an entire week should not go beyond 50 grams but this also will depend on the seriousness of the condition. The doctor can decide to give a prescription different from the dermovate ointment 100g dosage measure given here depending on body weight, other drugs that the patient might be utilizing and the cliticalness of the problem.The drug is guranteed to start showing results within two to four weeks of use. However, if no change is recorded beyond this period consult your doctor.

Possible aftereffects of dermovate ointment clobetasol propionate 100grams

A majority of meds if not all come with a number of aftermath effects. A side effect is an unwanted reaction caused by taking the normal dosage of the drug. These repercussions can end up becoming serious and in some cases long lasting. However, with most medications, these consequences are mild and go away after a short period of time. For dermovate ointment 100 grams dosage, here are some of the negative aftermath effects to expect
  1. The ointment can mildly increase the feeling of a burning sensation,dryness, soreness and tingling to the skin.
  2. A user may experience temperate headaches, changes in the colour of the skin due to increased redness and sometimes skin contamination
  3. Exessive use of the ointment may lead to thinning of the skin which causes the skin to become vulnerable to cracking
  4. Other side effects that hardly arise to a majority of patients include acne,altered vision, hair loss, stretch marks, immoderate hair growth in some areas and pus blisters.
 Certain factors may cause the effects to become grievous. When the cortisteroid is used for a long period of time under tight dressings such as bandages, the ingredients become absorbed into the bloodstream hence aggrevating the side effects. Consequently, it is more desirable to use the paste for a short period and ensure you cleanse the wounds before applying the medication under a dressing. Regarding the time-frame of use, communicate with your specialist. Interactions of the ointment with other medications can also aggrevate the after effects. Therefore, write down a list of all the medications you might be using and carry it with you to the doctor. Moreover, if you experience allergies from the aforementioned ingredients that might trigger the aftereffects, caution you specialist. The list of side effects above is not an all-inclusive list. If you experiences symptoms not listed above consult your caregiver immediately. Also, these repercussions are manageable and disappear with time


Make sure to follow all the directories offered by your specialist thoroughly in order to avoid the side effects and benefit from the ointment. Keep updating your physician on the progress so as to gauge the effectiveness of the medication. For skin care fanatics, ensure you allow the ointment to settle into your skin before applying a moisturiser or sun screen.
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