Apriso 500 mg 50 retard pills (Generic Mesalamine)

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Mesalamine 500 mg 50 retard pills is the brand name of the drug Apriso 500 mg 50 retard pills. Apriso 500 mg 50 retard pills are not well known because it’s the drug generic name. 

Mesalamine pills 500mg pack 50 is in a class of medications that is referred to as anti-inflammatory. It acts by inhibiting the release of specific substances that cause inflammation. Mesalamine generic 500 mg 50 retard pills is used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis- a condition that usually causes swelling & sores in the lining of the large intestine and rectum and Crohn Disease.

Route of mesalamine generic 500 mg 50 retard pills Administration.

Mesalamine 500 mg 50 retard pills is always taken through the oral route. Apriso 500 mg 50 retard pills is important that you take the tablets with water (swallow them). For any delayed-release capsules as a whole, it’s recommended that you chew it neither crushed nor spit them off. Dosing requirements of mesalamine 500 mg tabs 50.

Mesalamine prescription varies based on the seriousness of the medical condition. Mild ulcerative colitis.

When the disease is active and it's mild. It’s recommended that you take 1.5g of Apriso. For maximum action of mesalamine 500 mg 50 tabs, it’s better if you can Mesalamine pills in the morning. In addition, it will also help in developing a routine which will help you not to forget taking Apriso 50 tabs 500 mg medication. For children less than six weeks. It’s recommended that they should take this medication in a range of 36-71mg per day of the dose.

It’s important that you strictly follow the instructions written in the label to understand how and when you should be taking this drug.

There should be continued medication until the prescribed drugs are finished – helps to prevent Mesalamine 500 mg 50 pills resistance in the future. When you become drug resistant, your doctor is forced to prescribe your higher dose of mesalamine pack 500mg to produce the desired therapeutic effect.

Factors to be considered when taking Apriso 500mg 50 retard pills

If you’ve conditions such as myocarditis and pericarditis. The state where there is swelling of the heart muscle and swelling of organs such as the sac around the heart, kidney, and liver respectively.

Consult your doctor before using Apriso 500mg 50 pills. 

This is recommended especially if the pregnancy test has turned out positive. Also, lactating women visit the doctor for doctors to discuss how they can use it. This is because if the mother uses the drug for a long time without observing diarrheal cases can negatively affect infants and babies.

You should also watch other genetic disorders. Phenylketonuria is an inherited condition which can cause drug tolerance. If you’re the culprit here, you shouldn’t worry because your doctor will make you a special nutritional schedule to ensure that the drug work.

When you’re taking this medication you realize the severity of ulcerative colitis symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor so that other medications can be prescribed for you.

Mesalamine 50 retard pills 500mg Interaction.

1.  Using Mesalamine 50 retard tabs 500mg with liver management drugs isn’t recommended. There is a possibility of liver failure if used together for a long time.

2.  Mesalamine 50 retard pills 500mg shouldn’t be taken alongside other drugs such as Asacol, Pentasa or Lialda because it contains almost the same active ingredients which are similar to Apriso500mg.

3.  Drugs used in the management of peptic ulcer shouldn’t be taken together with Mesalamine 50 retard pills 500mg because it can cause renal failure.

Side effects of Apriso 500 mg 50 tabs.

•  Inflammation around the heart.

•  Can cause cardiac disorders if used for a long period of time.

•  Can cause pancreatic inflammation which can lead to GIT bleeding.

•  Can lead to immune system disorders. Leading to problems such as swelling of the skin.

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