Apriso 250 mg tablet (Generic Mesalamine) 100 pcs

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Generic mesalamine 250 mg 100 tabs is the name of the drug apriso 250. This drug refers to the market or brand name used to sell the product. It comes with a light-blue and an opaque hard gelatin capsules with 0.375g components of mesalamine each. It’s been imprinted “G” and “M” on either side of the tablet.

Apriso 250 100 tabs is used in the treatment of bowel diseases. In most cases generic mesalamine 250 100 tabs is recommended that you use it in the management of symptoms such as rectal bleeding, stomach pains, and diarrhea when you’re diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Mesalamine is an aminosalicylate. Their method of action can also help in reducing the progressive swelling of the colon.

Route of mesalamine 250 mg 100 tablets Administration.

With a glass of water, you can take apriso250 tablets without any challenges. Also, there is no effect if you take apriso 250 100 tab medication with food. The therapeutic effect of mesalamine generic 2500 drug will still be effective even if it’s been taken with food.

Apriso 250 100 tab’s recommended that you don’t crush or chew the tab into two. Swallow mesalamine 250 mg tab as a whole. This is because the action of mesalamine 250 mg drug should be in the colon. The coating in generic mesalamine 250 100 tabs assists in delaying the breakdown until it reaches the large intestine for proper placement.

Apriso250 dosage instructions

Take 1.5 g of Aspiro which is equivalent to 4 tablets every single day. Mesalamine 250 mg tab medication should be administered once daily.

Despite the use of Aspiro pack 100 alongside meals, it’s advisable that you don’t use mesalamine 250 mg 100 tablets medication with antacids concurrently. Also, individuals who are under treatment for kidney diseases should approach mesalamine 250 mg 100 tablets medication because it’s associated with contraindications. 

Continuous medication should be maintained by patients with ulcerative colitis. In order to ensure that you avoid missing on taking the capsules, develop a routine that can help you remember. However, if you realize you’ve missed a dose then skip the dose and start the next day taking the capsules afresh. CAUTION; don’t try to double mesalamine 250 mg 100 tablets medication.

In addition, make sure that you store this medication in a cool and a dry place. Keep it out of reach of children and other things which can dissolve the apriso 250 100 tabs.If you’re either allergic or hypersensitive to drugs such as sulfasalazine then you should stay away from mesalamine. Both drugs share the same active ingredients meaning you can be allergic to them as well. 

Pregnant and lactating mothers should use this medication with caution. It’s recommended that you stop using if you’re breastfeeding- consult your doctor because using apriso 250 100 tabs isn’t safe for your baby. This is because the drug can be excreted through the milk.

If you’re an elder (65 years and above), you can comfortably take medication like that of an adult. Take into consideration any medical history for instance kidney and liver disease. Using apriso 250 100 tabs alongside liver & hepatic treatments can cause contra-indications which can be fatal to your health.

Cost of apriso 250 100 tabs

Purchasing Aspiro is affordable. The product matches the bag for your money given the benefits that you’ll reap from using it. You can even the option of insurance.

 Side effects and Contra-indications. 

•  Light headaches.

•  Mild diarrhea.

•  Abdominal pains.

However, if you experience severe bloody diarrhea, rashes on your face/tongue, severe dizziness and breathing difficulties. Be sure to contact your doctor for proper advice.

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