Nebido 1000mg/4 ml solution for injection 2 vials Bayer (Testosterone undecanoate)

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Nebido 1000mg/4 ml solution for injection 2 vials Bayer (Testosterone undecanoate)


The testosterone injection 2/4ml also famously known as Nebido is a drug prescribed to males and consists of the testosterone hormone as the operating ingredient.  The testosterone undecanoate 1000mg 2/4 ml is introduced into the muscle fibres to help solve several health problems that men lacking this particular hormone go through.Upon injection of the supplement, the body stores the testosterone and progressively releases it over a particular period of time. The lack of testosterone in the body may be identified through a blood test and may show various symptoms. These symptoms include low libido,body hair loss,erectile dysfunction, sterility, fatigue, lean muscle mass and a depressive state of mind.For people involved in sports, testosterone undecanoate is not there to go to steroids because it is slow in response compared to other steroids. In rare cases, it is used for performance improvement but requires one to complete a 16 week cycle. Its inability to work faster keeps most athletes away from it since they prefer the quicker working anabolic steroids.

Description of nebido 1000mg 4ml 2 injections

The testosterone nebido 4ml/2 injections is a clear and yellowish liquid in color. The oily like liquid is filled in a brown glass vial which measures 4ml for 2 injections.Underneath the hued part of the storage glass, there is a mark that throws out the need to abrade the neck of the bottle.

How to use nebido 2 injections

Consuming the steroid by mouth is very rare. Most users introduce nebido solution 4ml/2vials into the bloodstream through the injection of the drug into the muscle. You are required to inject the solution unhurriedly and with care into the muscle fibers.Note that the medication is strictly designed as an intramuscular dose and absolute care should be expressed to dodge penetrating into the blood vessels. The injections are at times done every ten to fourteen weeks depending on your specialist’s advice. It is therefore prudent to deliberate with your caregiver concerning the frequency of use to avert surplus buildup of the solution into the bloodstream.Moreover, it is a necessity that your testosterone levels be evaluated prior to the subscription of the drug and during the initial phases of taking the testosterone. Banking on the quantity of the solution detected in your blood, the physician is allowed to bring closer your next injection in order to achieve the needed levels of the hormone.If the hormone levels are high, your specialist may reduce the recurrence of the injections and if the levels are deficient, the shots should be rendered routinely. Nonetheless, it is thought out that the interval remains between 10weeks -14weeks, but all this will depend on your doctor’s judgement.

Dosage information of the drug

Considering that the main aim of the dose is to medicate individuals suffering from low testosterone levels, common prescribed doses include nebido 1000mg 4ml 2 injections. The next shot needs to be administered in the next 6 or 10 weeks after the first one but the interval may vary.The medication acts gradually consequently long standing in the body. It should therefore be administered less often yearly. When it comes to athletic performances, results can only be achieved if 1000milligrams of the drug is given after every week.However, there are other better methods to use to achieve this.It is paramount that you do not exceed the appropriate dosage prescribed by your doctor. If this transpires, it might escalate or scale down the testosterone levels in your bloodstream hence causing serious health issues.

Side effects of undecanoate 4ml/2injection

Prescription of most medications in the market come with unwanted aftermath effects. These conflicting events may be severe and can lead to life threatening conditions.Seemingly, nebido solution 4ml/2vials presents various side effects although they are not feasible to everyone who uses the stimulant. The aftereffects are usually detected in only 1 out of 10 patients. They include:
  • Slight pain and irritation around the injected area
  • Blemishes on the face
  • An increase in weight.
  • Elevated appetite levels
  • The part where the injection has been given may become red.
The above adverse effects are not life threatening and may be easily managed. However, if they become severe and too much to handle, consult your caregiver.

Contradictions associated with the drug

This medication is only meant for adult males and should therefore not be given to children, women and teenagers.Moreover, the drug may cause severe consequences if administered to male patients who show androgen-reliant tumors, have a history in liver ailments or suffer present growths in the liver and show allergies to the active elements that make up the drug.Moreover, if you are battling with heart or kidney ailments, the steroid may lead to severe complications. It is likely for a person to suffer heart failure due to poor water retention in the body.Before being prescribed the drug, ensure you caution your doctor of the above or any other condition that should be put into consideration.


The drug should be kept far away from children's reach to avoid unwanted accidents. The medication does not come with any instructions regarding the storage surroundings and climate and can therefore be stored anywhere provided it is safe.Do not use nebido if it has expired. Moreover, do not throw away the med alongside household waste. You can ask your doctor to offer the best possible way to dispose of the ampoule after use so as to protect the ecosystem and the people around you. This is very important and should not be taken lightly.Have you purchased your nebido testosterone prescription? If not be sure to buy nebido 1000ml 2 injections from our website as we help with the delivery of the highest quality medications at fair prices. If you want any further clarification to be done regarding nebido testosterone please consult your doctor.Moreover, if you require clarification regarding the drug or you don’t clearly understand the instructions on the leaflet, consult your doctor.
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