Ecdysterone supplements 160 capsules (Maral root 50 mg)

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Ecdysterone supplements 160 capsules (Maral root 50 mg)


The maral plant is a unique organism that consists of effective compounds that are basically comparable to androgens. The active element inside this unique plant is commonly known as Rhaponticum carthamoides which comprises about 90% ecdysterone 160 capsules. Most athletes use the maral root 50 mg to increase their athletic efficiency and advance their workout performances.The roots or the root’s powder are the most frequently used parts of the maral plant. The ecdysteroid category belongs to a group of polyhydroxylated ketosteroids compounds that have been properly examined and proven to improve the body’s workability during sporting activities.This class includes various types of supplements which include ecdysterone 50 mg, ecdysone, turkesterone and 20 hydroxyecdysone.These four ecdysteroids are the most commonly reviewed and investigated by health professionals. Experts say that the drugs share general features but vary in efficiency and aftereffects on patients. Moreover, it is reported that the pills have beneficial health effects to consumers. These include curtailing cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as boosting the rate of protein synthesis in the body hence protecting the liver and the intestines.

How to use ecdysterone 160/50mg

The tribosteron 160/50mg capsules should be swallowed whole followed by ample amounts of water to ensure you wash it down properly. Avoid chewing the capsules as this is not recommended.The substitutes should also not be taken alongside milk and alcoholic drinks simply because it is not apt and may affect the effectiveness of the medication. It however cannot affect a varied diet but make sure you discuss this with your physician.The supplements should be stored in a cool temperature not surpassing 25℃ and from sunlight. However, it should not be stored inside a fridge. This medication is normally used for about 3 months but that depends on your doctor’s prescription.Expectant and nursing mothers, as well as children are not permitted to use the drug due to its side effects. Remember that the manufacturer is not liable for harm caused due to imprudent handling of the drugs.

Appropriate dosage

The right dosage of this drug highly depends on an individual’s age, health history among other conditions. All these factors should be explained by your caregiver before giving you the prescription.The prevalent approved dosage of 50 mg ecdysterone is 3 tabs daily. The plant based supplements are in their natural and authentic form hence famous among people involved in sports and because they do not change into estrogen. These pills are intended for individuals who are active and engage in in-depth training.A patient is required to take a single pill 3 times every 24 hours, desirably after every meal of the day. The amount of dosage in milligrams to be taken by an athlete varies between 500-2000mg on a single day depending on their doctor's recommendation.It can be taken as a whole dose or in split portions. It is advisable that you do not top the dosage subscribed unless directed by your caregiver.

The side effects of 50mg ecdysterone 160 capsules

Research conducted on the drug suggests that it portrays beneficial side effects to the consumers. No negative aftereffects of the drug have been reported. The maral root extract offers positive health welfare to patients compared to synthetic steroids.Unlike the artificial steroids, the maral ecdysterone 50 mg does not cripple the liver and the kidney but rather improves the functioning of these organs. Below are some of the aftermath effects of the medication that are deemed beneficial to the users:

It boosts humoral immunity

Accelerated rate of physical exercise and training lessens an athlete’s antibodies. Rhaponticum carthamoides prescription to victims with the aforementioned condition aid in reestablishing the appropriate level of antibodies in the body. Moreover, it also increases the working competence of an individual.

It escalates efficacy and longevity of an individual during an activity

Tribosteron 160/50mg supplements are mostly preferred because they have proven to elevate ultimate running pace and perseverance among professional runners. The tablets also boost the amount of creatine phosphate and glycogen in the body consequently improving the efficacy of the skeletal muscles undoubtedly.The ecdysterone capsules are very beloved among professional runners including those who have won the olympic and world championships, as well as those from Russia. Normal active individuals also use the medication in their everyday lifestyle to assist in bettering their mental and physical health.Moreover, the pills have demonstrated an ability to curtail mental and body fatigue as well as develop learning and the ability to commit things to memory for a long period of time without harming the body.

The drug has anti-fatigue properties.

50 mg ecdysterone is designed in a way that is intended to prevent or reduce body fatigue and that of the mind. Health physicians report that one of the major symptoms of an overworked and tired mind is lack of proper sleep.Sleep disorders such as strange dreams, constant awaken and weak breathing rate during sleep can cause poor performance and poor results. Giving the maral root extract to people involved in sports helps avert sleep disorder, intensify their appetite, improve their mood and escalate their productivity.

Contradiction of the drug

Ecdysterone 160/50mg exhibits no contradictions and elicits no hormonal interactions. The drug explores astounding positive results compared to other steroids.In a research conducted in Russia, ecdysteroid was paired with another anabolic steroid commonly known as Dianabol. Despite being one of the most powerful steroids ever to be established, the two steroids portrayed a similar rate of anabolic activity with ecdysteroid arousing both slow and fast fibres while the former arousing only the slow fibres.What makes ecdysteroid exceptional among the steroid’s population is that it is a powerful compound with no side effects.


Be sure to buy ecdysterone 50mg 160capsules from our website as we help with the delivery of highest quality medicines at fair pricesAlso make sure you read the important directions on the leaflet and consult your doctor before using the drug.
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