AndroGel 1% (Testosterone gel 50 mg) Besins 5g 30 gel packets

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Testosterone gel 50 mg description

Androgel 1% 5g 30 gel packets is a colourless and transparent hydroalcoholic gel that contains the testosterone hormone.The most important pharmacological ingredient is an androgen-like testosterone. It has a white crystalline texture.Other ingredients are inactive, we can highlight the carbomer, ethanol, purified water, isopropyl myristate and sodium hydroxide.

Indications for use Testosterone gel 50 mg

Androgel 0.01g is indicated as a supplement for the treatment in men of the conditions associated with the non-production of testosterone. More specifically it serves the following:- Primary hypogonadism: it is an insufficiency in the testicles that is produced by bilateral torsion, orchitis, cryptoquirdia, missing testis syndrome, orchiectomy, some damage related to heavy metals or alcohol, along with Klinefelter syndrome.- Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: it is a deficiency of a specific hormone, the luteinizing one, due to various reasons such as a tumour, trauma or radiation.However, there are some limitations for it to be used, they are the following:- There is no assurance that it can be effective for hypogonadism for age.- Nor in men under 18 years of age.- Topical products of this type have different doses, concentrations or instructions that can result in very different exposures.

Androgel 1% Dosage

Testim Testosterone gel 50 mg packets 30 pieces is the recommended dose initially. This dose will be adjusted later. This application is carried out once a day in the morning, preferably at the same time and on the arms or abdomen.To ensure that you apply the proper dose at all times, it is important to know how much testim 50 mg gel testosterone is in each moment. So if the testosterone concentration is below normal, the dose will be higher, but if this concentration is above, the dose will decrease.The daily dose of testim application of the product must be applied to the upper right or left part of the arms or abdomen. After applying the gel you should wait for it to dry before dressing. Hands have to be washed well with soap and water. The product is flammable so you should avoid fire or smoke. You also have to wait about 5 hours to swim or shower.

Form of application of Testim Testosterone gel 50 mg packages

The content of testim packs should be placed in the palm and applied immediately in the areas that we have mentioned above, that is, in the arms, or the abdomen, as you prefer. Another way is to apply it little by little until the pack is finished.

Side effects Androgel 1%

Testim different side effects have been discovered thanks to different clinical trials. So fortesta Testosterone gel 50 mg side effects are as follows:- Amnesia, anxiety, dizziness, dry skin, hostility, discoloured hair, difficulty urinating, penile disorder, sweating, paraesthesia, peripheral oedema and vasodilation have been reported in less than 1% of patients.- There are other cutaneous side effects, but they were not so serious as to interrupt the treatment.- In 4% of the patients who have joined the study, they have had other more serious problems such as cerebral haemorrhages, seizures, memory loss, sadness, depression. In this almost if there has been an interruption of treatment.Other studies show that it can cause increased libido and hyperkinesis.

Sale Androgel 1% 5g 30 gel packets

Testosterone or fortesta gel 50 mg is for sale in pharmacies, as well as in certain speciality web pages, so you will not have problems to acquire it if you need it. To buy fortesta gel online, you only have to visit the website, search for fortesta gel medicine and add it to the cart, then you will only have to add your data related to the payment method and the postal address to know where the product has to arrive, you accept and in a few days, you will have the product in your house to start using it.AndroGel 1% 5g 30 gel packets or testosterone gel 50 mg packets 30 pieces.Steroids, Androgen, Anabolic steroids, testosterone, injection, injection into muscle, fortesta gel, Intramuscular, testim.
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