Norvasc, Istin generic Amlodipine besylate serve a central role in the general well-being and health for each one of us, therefore, getting to understand the administration, dosage and side effects is equally important.
In this regard, this post is intended to give you a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know concerning amlodipine besylate. Read on!

About Norvasc Generic Amlodipine besylate

If you are wondering what drug category is Norvasc classified as then you should know that it essentially operates as a channel blocker.
What this means is, Istin Generic Amlodipine serves to open up or dilate the blood vessels therefore, enhancing better blood flow.

How does amlodipine look like?

Well, Norvasc, Istin generic Amlodipine besylate is available in different shapes and may contain lettering or not depending on the manufacturer.
It is, however, important to mention that regardless of the appearance of the drug they serve the same function.

What is amlodipine used for?

Amlodipine is used primarily to medicate conditions associated with the coronary diseases of the artery.
A good example of a practical application of the Istin tablet is in the treatment of blood pressure. Norvasc generic Amlodipine works by opening up your blood vessels hence lowering the blood pressure which ultimately reduces the chances of you suffering from a stroke or a cardiac arrest.
Also, amlodipine besylate is used to medicate chest pains also referred to as angina usually associated with decreased blood flow.

How should I take Norvasc, Istin Generic Amlodipine

It is vital to emphasize that before taking this drug, it is very important to communicate with your physician prior.
Also, it is always wise to read the user manual before continuing with the medication. Amlodipine is available in the form of tablets that should be administered orally.
Istin or Amlodipine dosage will depend on why you are using this medication but usually, the physician will start you off on a lesser strength often the 5mg.
However, if you have a problem getting the tablet down, you have the option of dissolving the tabs in a glass and water and consume it immediately after preparation.
It is not advisable to prepare a later dose earlier. You are advised to take your prescription once a day preferably before bedtime every other day.

Why take amlodipine at bedtime?

Let me explain, it is easier for you to remember to take amlodipine tabs at that time because of the routine, it’s that simple!

How long does it take for Norvasc to work?

You should know that Caduet Generic Amlodipine besylate/Atorvastatine begins to work immediately you begin your treatment.
However, if you are taking the drug to treat high blood pressure you may not experience any symptom. This however, does not mean that the medicine is not working.
Take note that the drug takes full effect after therapy for a few weeks.

Possible side effects Amlodipine besylate

One upside about using Caduet Generic Amlodipine besylate/Atorvastatine drug is that you don’t get to experience severe after therapy ailments.
However, just like any other drug, you are likely to notice a few side effects that should go away eventually.
When receiving this treatment, you may experience dizziness and swelling on your feet and ankles.
Severe Caduet Generic Amlodipine besylate/Atorvastatine side effects are rare but they may include, severe chest pains even heart attacks especially for those suffering from angina.
If you get to experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, get in touch with your physician for further guidance.
It is not common to experience allergic reactions when on Norvasc, nonetheless, take note of any signs of an allergic reaction which includes a swollen tongue, itchiness and dizziness.
Don’t fail to tell your physician once you notice these symptoms.

Precautions when taking Norvasc, Istin Generic Amlodipine besylate

First off, remember that Norvasc, Istin Generic Amlodipine besylate is a calcium channel blocker, with this in mind, inform the doctor if you are allergic to it or any other drug in this category.
This will go a long way in ensuring you are safe and don’t suffer from unnecessary allergic reactions and side effects.
Be aware that this treatment often causes episodes of dizziness, therefore avoid driving and use of any drug for you will experience more dizziness.
If you are pregnant, consult with your health caregiver before proceeding with the therapy. The same goes for breastfeeding, consult with the physician accordingly since this drug passes into breast milk.
As far as the foods to avoid when taking amlodipine, take it slow with grapefruit juice because it is known to increase the amount of istin in the blood.
Tip: if you are confused as far as which is better Norvasc / Amlodipine besylate or Lisinopril, you should know that amlodipine is recommended especially for blood pressure reduction on severe cases.
Other than that, they both work pretty well!

Where can I get amlodipine

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