Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5 ml eye drops by Bausch & Lomb (Brimonidine Tartrate)

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Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5 ml eye drops (Generic Brimonidine Tartrate) by Bausch & Lomb. Depending on the cause of low vision, there may be medications or surgical alternatives that can help slow disease progression and provide as much vision for as long as possible. Those who think they may have a vision impairment that interferes with their ability to perform everyday activities, should see an eye care professional for a complete eye exam. In case your eye care professional finds that you have vision loss that cannot be corrected adequately with standard eyewear, medical treatment or surgery, they can assist you with your next steps in treatment.The purpose of eye droplets is to lessen the pressure within the eye either by reducing the quantity of fluid (aqueous humour) that is created or amassing its drainage from the eye.

About Alphagan eye drops or Generic Brimonidine Tartrate 2 mg/ml 5 m

Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5 ml eye drops is an eye drop used to control glaucoma. It comprises brimonidine, which reduces the high pressure in the eye. It belongs to the group of drugs called alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists.Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5ml eye drops is indicated for lessening intraocular pressure (IOP) in persons with open-angle glaucoma or optical hypertension. The IOP diminishing ability of Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5 ml eye drops diminishes over time in some people. This loss of effect appears with a variable time of onset in each patient and should be closely monitored

Uses of Alphagan 2 mg / ml 5 ml eye drops

Alphagan 2 mg / ml 5ml eye drops is prescribed in order to reduce the high pressure in the eye when the eye droplets containing beta-blockers cannot be used or where appropriate a second drug for reducing pressure in the eye to desired level. Your eye contains a clear watery liquid that feeds the eye inside. The liquid was drained out of the eye continuously and replaced by new liquid. If the liquid cannot drain fast enough, pressure in the eye increases and this could gradually impair your vision. Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5ml eye drops works by reducing the creation of fluid, and accumulating the amount of liquid to be drained. This reduces pressure in the eye while continuing to feed the eye.

Dosage and Administration Brimonidine Tartrate by Bausch & Lomb

The recommended dose is one drop of Alphagan 2 mg / ml 5 ml eye drops in the afflicted eye(s) 3 times daily, approximately 8 hours apart. This remedy may be used concurrently with other contemporary ophthalmic drug products to lessen intraocular pressure. In case in excess of one topical ophthalmic product is to be used, the different products should be instilled at least 5 minutes apart.

Taking other drugs with Bausch & Lomb Brimonidine Tartrate 2 mg / ml 5 ml

Inform your medic or dispensing chemist if you’re using or taken other drugs lately, as well as non-prescription drugs.

Pregnancy and lactation 

Ask your clinician or dispensing chemist prior to dispensing any drug. Tell your specialist if you’re expectant or intending to. Alphagan 2 mg / ml 5 ml eye drops shouldn’t be used during pregnancy unless your doctor still recommends it. Besides, it shouldn’t be dispensed if you are breastfeeding.If you use contact lenses, don’t put Alphagan eye drops 2 mg/ml 5 ml  while wearing lenses. Hold for at least 15 minutes subsequent to placing the drops before reinserting the lenses. The preservative in this drug called benzalkonium chloride can cause irritation of the eye, and it is also known to alter the color or discolor soft contact lenses.Alphagan 2 mg/ml 5 ml eye drops by Bausch & Lomb can be purchased online with a prescription here.
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