Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml eye drops (Brimonidine Tartrate)

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Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml. Sight is known to be the most important of the five senses. In fact, the brain receives 80 percent of its information from the eyes. In a national survey, most Americans said that losing their vision would affect their lives more than losing memory, speech, hearing, an arm or a leg. Blindness and vision impairment affect more than 600 million people around the world, according to the IAPB. Many cases are because individuals do not have access to the eye exams and eyeglasses they need.

About Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml

Alphagan 2mg/ml emanates as eye droplets. Alphagan 2mg/ml 10ml is used to lessen pressure in your eye. The solution is used either unaccompanied, when beta-blocker drops are admonished, or together with an additional eye drop, when a distinct drug is not sufficient to lessen the augmented eye pressure, in the management of glaucoma or optical hypertension.

What Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10 mg comprises

Alphagan 2mg/ml 10ml is a clear, greenish-yellow drops blend. Individual bottles holds either 2.5 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml of the solution.The active substance is brimonidine tartrate. One ml solution contains 2.0 mg brimonidine tartrate, commensurate with 1.3 mg of brimonidine. 

How To Use Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10 ml

The acclaimed dosage of Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml is one drop in the inflicted eye(s) 3 times daily, roughly 8 hours apart. Alphagan 2mg/ml 10ml solution may be used in conjunction with other prevailing ophthalmic medicaments to lessen intraocular pressure. In case of excess dispensation, the additional drops should be initiated after at least 5 minutes. Always use Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml exactly as your consultant has inculcated. If you aren’t sure confirm from your medic or allotting chemist.


The ordinary dose is one drop two times daily in the ill eye(s), nearly 12 hours apart.Alphagan 2mg/ml 10 ml  isn’t acclaimed for use in infants (from 2 to 12 years) and must not be used on kids below 2 years.Do not use Alphagan 10 ml drops if:
  • You’re hypersensitive to Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml any of the other elements of Alphagan.
  • You’re using an antidepressant or monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. Notify your specialist if you’re taking any antidepressants.
  • You are lactating.
  • You’re a neonate/baby (from birth until 2years)

Possible Reactions on Brimonidine Tartrate 2mg/ml 10ml eye drops

Like all medicines, Alphagan 2mg/ml 10 ml can result in responses, albeit not everyone experiences.
  • Alphagan 2 mg / ml 10 ml may cause partial or blurry visualization. This effect may worsen at night or in reduced brightness.
  • Alphagan 2 mg / ml 10 ml can bring about lethargy or fatigue in some people.
In case you experience any of these indications, do not drive or use machines till the signs diminish.

Using other medicines

Kindly inform you clinician or dispensing chemist if you are using or have in the recent past taken any other drugs, and those obtained with no prescription. Constantly wash your hands prior to dispensing eye drops. Theirs a label on the bottle which specifies the dosage for the drops. If you unexpectedly use Alphagan 2 mg/ml 10ml with an extra drop, wait 5-15 minutes in advance of using the other drops. You can purchase Alphagan or any other prescription drug online here.
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