Alphagan 1.5 mg/ml – 5ml 1 eye drops (Generic Brimonidine Tartrate)

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Alphagan P  1.5mg/ml-5ml 1 drop per eye is  brand name for the clone brimonidine tartrate 1.5mg/ml-5ml. The name refers to its common market name. It falls under adrenergic treatment category. Brimonidine tartrate 1.5mg/ml-5ml  is a drug for managing hyperbolic intraocular distress. Moreover, it’s prescribed to victims suffering from glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Its preparation appears like green suspension otherwise clear suspension.

Directions for expending this clone of brimonidine tartrate

Alphagan P or brimonidine tartrate suspension is meant to be dispensed into the eye which is struck by stress in a single droplet. Put a single droplet of the clone of brimonidine tartrate conjugate to the eye suffering an elevated intraocular distress. This eye drop conjugate should be dispensed 3 times a day or within 8 hours apart in a day to aid prevent or manage continued buildup of distress inside your eye.

Brimonidine tartrate is generally safe expending unitedly using ophthalmic medicaments. Victims using supple contact lenses, dispense these droplets 10-minutes in advance of putting on the contact lenses. Bear in mind to employ uncontaminated hands to handle your eyes. Later, hold off for as a minimum 5 minutes in advance of the usage ofan additional eyelid droplet.  Don’t use conjugate just in case it’s turned gloomy. Don’t handle the top of the dispenser when administering the droplets. This is due to contagion of the dropper.

Alphagan P droplets reactions and cautions

Medicament usage must with used with a lot care when using any central nervous system (CNS) sedatives. CNS tranquilizers may impede efficacy of this medicament. Tricyclic must be ingested cautiously with the medical practitioner’s advice during administration of this eye drops.

Fact is that most drugs control interaction of other medicaments in the human body, it’s important to talk to a general practitioner about the tablets you are ingesting.  Certain medicaments causing lethargy may aggravate response of these droplets. Alphagan impacts its mode of interaction in the eye through altering eye blood stress. It isn’t therefore restrained by several medical problems. Though, patients with health disorders inducing them to grave cardiovascular problems are cautioned against its usage.

There’s enough evidence backing the effect of eye drops to a baby in the uterus. Modest reactions have been experienced with application of Alphagan P while pregnant. Generally these drops are safe using during prenatal period. This medicament (brimonidine tartrate) can pass as an excretory product to breast milk. Lactating mothers are for that reason advised toward seeking physician guidance in advance of drug use.

It’s not prudent to using it in lesser children since it evokes severe reactions including, lethargy, respiratory despondency or unconsciousness.

Contraindications of Alphagan P

Brimonidine tartrate medicament can lead to a number of side effects including:


Conjunctival depletion

Impervious vision.

Flu virus syndrome.

Intense fatigue.

General malaise.

Respiratory infection

Avoid its usage if you undergo sensitivities associated to its main ingredients. Doing so can lead to serious health issues. Avoid perilous undertakings and driving till you’re assured of how Alphagan P is going to react in the body.

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