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About Us

The idea to create FairPriceRX.com crossed my mind after three significant episodes, I experienced in the USA, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

A few years ago while on holiday in New York my wife was short of her usual remedy for allergy. However, it appeared that this product costed 10 times more than in my homeland.

The second case happened during my business trip to Hong Kong. My friends asked me to hand over sugar-lowering medicine to their relative, whose local medicine insurance did not cover her needs. This time the product was 20 times more expensive than in my country.

The third problem with the monstrous overpayment for medicines I faced upon my trip to London. My baggage with my medicine was lost, and I had to contact a local pharmacy.

Those three troubles I encountered with brought me to make a difference, a real change, with these excessive prices for same products that exist in many world countries, but fortunately not in all.

Relying on my 15 years of experience in the trade and communication business, I managed to gather a dream team of devoted professionals and advanced experts to create and launch our unique website fairpricerx.com.

This information panel assist in searching for a high quality product from Europe at affordable price as well as finds a reliable prompt courier that may obtain and deliver your orders to your home. By using our website, any person from anywhere in the world has an opportunity to entrust us to find products including but not limited to medicines without overpaying.

For our part, we secure reliability in selection of products as well as guarantee affordable prices, high European quality and prompt delivery to your home.

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